Author Topic: Devil Doll - Sacrilegium  (Read 4844 times)

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Devil Doll - Sacrilegium
« on: August 03, 2006, 04:39:33 pm »
Have anybody heard this album/song, even this band? I'm listening it for first time, thanks to the "neighbour radio" from

First thing that surprised me: the lenght of the song... "only" 49:16. Although I already know another album/song (from "Green Carnation" band), I'm still no used to such a crazy things!

Second thing: the music is crazy.

Third thing: it reminds me to "Angizia", another crazy-band. I even uploaded some of the albums for the forum, I think.

Well, I'm still playing it (more than 45 min to end it XD).

If anyone knows the band and likes to comment it, please, do so.  :ninja:
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