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The One:
The music is fine :smilies_musik04:
I don't know how to catalouge it, I would say it's a mix of Symph. and Black Metal.
Anyways, what I mostly care in Nightwish is not the music, but the vocalist Tarja Turunen :evil:

We were only kidding for black.  :blink:

The One:

--- Quote ---We were only kidding for black.  :blink:
--- End quote ---
Oh.. Mistaken me... I should've put doom instead of black. :party43:
But still, don't you agree with me about Tarja? :evil:

No I do not agree cause I love their music not only Tarja although she had some special carisma.

Nightwish it isn`t black metal :)
just gothik , tarja has a nice voice :)


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