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Which genre is Nightwish? Aren't they power metal. Yes I know that they have(had) female half-opera singer. But they can't be gothic just cause of that. What is gothic anyway? Tristania for example. But I don't know if that genre even exists. Gothic should be just some feeling that band has.

Many people think that Children of Bodom are death metal. But they are not. They play some speed/power metal. They just have those death vocals. It's just vocal, not music.

The main thing is... can a band be called by this or that genre? Isn't every band a genre by itelf? Maybe Nightwish has a part of gothic, a part of Symphonic, a part of Opera Metal, and even more. About Children of Bodom I can't speak as I don't hear them... Of course that a lot of bands can be included in a genre or some genres, but as every band is different, it's hard to say the genre with no doubt.

For instance... which genre is Therion? I think that... "Therion Metal"  :P

COB are considered here as Black Metal
But those genres are to confusing sometimes...

They have nothing with black metal.

I think that people missunderstand symphonic. I think that symphonic refers to insfruments that for example Therion use and not vocals.

But usualy people put bands with keybords into Black-group, or sometimes industrial-group...


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