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So, that is not correct. You could put Nightwish into black metal then.

I'm not sayin it should be puted as that, I'm sayin people put it like that

This genre thing is all crazy!

It seems that nowadays everyone makes music and because of the use of combining different elements it falls into a genre that if it does not exist they make it exist! I have heard of this band call themselves Violet Goth now everyone can invente a genre! (Once I also heard that Therion was some sort of doom metal)  :blink:

I think every band falls upon the genres that once were  the ones that only existed some time ago: for example plain heavy, power, death, black, etc. That is were they all come from and I rather not complicate myself. So I prefer to label bands under those even though some band do have added some other flavor to their music.

Rat Cornu:
Nightwish IS true folk black metal !

No ?

Hehe Ratcornu..TR00 Finnish Black Metal  ;)


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