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Three degrees
« on: February 01, 2005, 04:14:29 am »
Just something i wanna share with you guys...

I bought The Human Equation a couple of days ago (amazing album btw), and there's this female singer that does the part of "Wife" called Marcela Bovio,  and was discovered by Lucassen when he was searching for a new vocalist...

Well, anyhow, what amazes me is that I have just found out I went to highschool with her sister, which means I'm 3° appart from A. A. Lucassen...

I know this might seem unimportant, or trivial to you, I just wanted to tell that to someone who understands it (my sister doesn't seem so amused by it :( )...

Yeah, 3°... beat that!!! :P  :P

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