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Kobi's book
« on: January 05, 2009, 02:33:38 pm »

Today I've known that Kobi Farhi, Orphaned Land singer, has written a book: A Tango Between God & Satan. It was going to be released in 2008 (according to the webs where I found it), but in Hebrew only. I've been searching the net in case any translation is going to be done, but I've found nothing... I don't know if I've looked the right places. If anyone knows anything about that, please, tell me and you'll be well rewarded  :ninja:

    Kobi Farhi, Orphaned Land's vocalist is working these days on his debut book - "A Tango Between God & Satan".

    The book contains personal stories and adventures of Kobi from his childhood, traveling th world and of course some stories of Orphaned Land.

    "I choose not to write about sex, drugs and rockn'roll as I find it boring and I don't see a reason why this stories should be in a book" says Kobi "My stories and adventures are very spiritual and uniqe along with very bad adventures and dark stories, and that is that 'Tango' I use to tell this stories that happend to me to friends and they were always amazed and said I should publish a book about it"

    The book is written in Hebrew language and it is scheduled for a 2008 release.

Btw... I've entered the Orphaned Land web, and it's waaay more simple than last time I entered (perhaps one year ago, I don't remember). Now you can only enter the shop, the tourdates or their Myspace  :disgust: But this is a music forum topic, isn't it?  :fish:
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