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« on: December 07, 2004, 11:42:51 am »
Hi NotessomeS followers!

This forum has a brief but important running... Since its creation, some things had changed: one of them is the importance of the "Members forum"! It has gain importance every day, since the actual moment, when it's the more active forum. So, some thinks will change since now: new rules to make it more protected and more opened at same time.

-There will be no password since now. Members who had the password will be allowed since this moment without more questions. New members who would join this protected forum have to ask the admins for this right. We will personally allow him/her to enter there.

-All new NTSMS member has the right to ask for the right of enter the protected forum.

-If the admins suspect any act of treason, or if we have the prooves of it, this member will be quickly banned of there.

We wish this new rules will make this forum more secure and more easy to access for those who really are worth to.

Hail Therion! Hail NotessomeS!
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