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The Dragon
« on: April 24, 2007, 03:32:06 pm »
OK.... I tried but I didn't tried hard enough :)

Especially when my english language is in it's recession. Sorry for not writing so long but I think it can be good time to join you all, as another player is abroad  ^_^

Sorry for all mistakes I will do, but life is short (enough for the living) so I will try  :shifty:

Oukie.... The Dragon. Young, red and chaotic dragon. His life is always full of fun - for example: burning villages, burning villagers, lying on a pile of gold, breathing fire on courageos (I call it stupid) knights, flying high above, burning villages and of course... burning villages :)
As all (a little bit) mature dragons (we don't like beeing fully mature, childish type having fun is more.... yeah, fun) he posess ability to shapeshift into human form  and others. Also flying, firebreathing, cutting into pieces is his ability too. SO be aware. Young man/dragon is coming to town :lol:

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The Longships are coming...