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Your opinion about Gothic Kabbalah
« on: January 21, 2007, 11:26:36 pm »

I was really surprised not seeing a topic about that, but I was thinking that maybe you all wait to listen a bit more of it before giving your opinion or I don't know...maybe a kabbalistic reason I ignore  :nosweat:

Or maybe there is already a topic about it and then I appologize (please don't hurt me in that case).

Well about the album: I love it very much even if I don't have now the official (I should have it by the end of this week) but I have downloaded the promo ( ho it's illegal  :ninja: )....and now I've just deleted it in order to not listen to it too often and still listen a bit to the official.

My opinion is simple: I love all the songs except the chain of minerva ( I don't know why but I find it a bit boring). And my favourite ones are Mitternachtlöwe and Three Treasures. After first listening, I can't deny that I was a bit like the few heretics on the official forum that claim that the album sucks....I was really disappointed because I was thinking that Therion became like other bands, that they lost the special thing that made me loved the older albums ...but at that time I had not listened to at least one song completely. And then after another listening I really loved the album.
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Re: Your opinion about Gothic Kabbalah
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2007, 11:52:45 pm »
I *knew* I forgot something.

During the week I was entertaining the idea of opening a thread that would be dedicated to criticizing GK... and then I forgot. So yeah, what you said.

Personally, Gothic Kabbalah came as a nice surprise. It's much more progressive than the former albums - the drums blew me away, some of the bass riffs were old school prog and Tuna... Oooh, Tuna. At one point, the song bursts into a jethrotullesque solo part that left me standing in the middle of the street with my mouth open. w00+, w00+, as the internet people would say.

Son of the Staves of Time... (Staves? Why not staffs? Are we being fancy, Christopher?)

Now this song blew me even further away. Powerful, energetic and uplifting.

Gothic Kabbalah has a certain eastern touch to it which I found refreshing - although maybe people here might not see eye to eye with me on this one because of the unpopularity of eastern melodies amongst the True masses. *shrugz* I personally like to see different elements incorporated into one seemly whole.

Then there's Sophia, Trul and a lot of other fantastic songs... the true weight of Gothic Kabbalah is yet to be determined, but it is in no way a bad album. I've heard remarks from certain Blind Guardian fans that they found A Twist in the Myth disappointing, whereas I found one of the best Guardian albums to date.


It's all in your point of view, I guess.
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Re: Your opinion about Gothic Kabbalah
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2007, 09:39:03 pm »
The album is in simple words....fucking amazing

I like all the songs and is hard to choose one like the better of my favorite.....

But the perrenial sophia and adulruna are take the lead!!!!

Have a nice day!!!
Saludos desde tiquisia, y Salve Therion!!!

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Re: Your opinion about Gothic Kabbalah
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2007, 12:34:29 am »

  Amazingly different and yet therikonized like hell, so ... a nice album GK being my favourite song

yo yo yo :O
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Re: Your opinion about Gothic Kabbalah
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2007, 01:28:57 am »
I like it a lot, have done since the first listen - it surprised me and left me pleased with the direction taken.

It sounds more like a "band" performing than any Therion album has done for a long time, leaving it free and less clinical and as a result more engaging.  This boosts the entertainment factor for me, and also I found that the album has got plenty of discoveries waiting to be made.

For my own personal tastes, I love what they've done.  :)

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Re: Your opinion about Gothic Kabbalah
« Reply #5 on: January 28, 2007, 01:39:30 am »
Hi there,

it's very interesting for me to read the opinion of our professional listener. Personally I tend to just sigh, smile and wipe away a tear when I'm asked whether I like GK.

No matter what you say about this release - I just don't understand how some people can claim "This is not Therion anymore". Apart from the fact that Chris obviously considers it a Therion album I think that it clearly has all the elements that have always made up Therion. And it sounds much more like a coherent album to me than Lemuria or Sirius B.


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Re: Your opinion about Gothic Kabbalah
« Reply #6 on: January 28, 2007, 08:56:49 am »
Some facts for relationate GK with Therion. Also there are key songs for this, check it out. (Put atention to the "slide" riff of the guitar chords)./

-O.D: Death Metal progressive.

- B.S: The introduction of more keyboards and soprano/baritone + Death Metal. Symphony of the Dead

- S.M.O.D.O.M: Deeper keyboards, the "turkish/arabic famous tones" of Therion started to devoloped more. Saying good bye the death metal vocals. Dark Princess Naamah. Here you can find some power metal riffs, so If you though GK is more power metal and don't have anything of therion, may be you're not right

- L. K. - A new person appears in Therion scene: T. Karlsson.  More "turkish/arabic famous therion tones". Death metal voices said good bye and let the heavy/trash vocals begin. The introduction of gothic ambient with The beauty in black and Lepaca Kliffoth. Check the riffs of the song "black", there is a power metal part.Lepaca Kliffoth

- Theli: Let the chorus have a big role. Siren of the woods and Wand of Abaris have similar tones for me. Postlodium and Der Mitternacht Löwe (in the beginning specially), The synth in the middle of Nightside of Eden and the synth in Adulruna Redivivia, I don't know if for you..Invocation of Naamah

- Vovin: T.K. takes the lyrics.Goodbye blue skies and C.J. vocals. First time of Nordic theme (the wild hunt). Real strings this time.  Birth of Venus Illegitima

- A.Z.L.D: Black Fairy in the beggining of the song is that riff that I talk about. C.J. writtes again lyrics. The "king diamonds Ahhs style" in Black Fairy very similar to the K.D.Ahs in Wand of Abaris.

- C.o.A - More heavy stuffs.   Crowning of atlantis in "strikes the.....of neptune" listen the guitar

- Deggial - Just Deggial :yeha:. Orchestras time!. Some people dares to compare Via Nocturna with Adulruna Rediviva, some not, but they are "Lenght couple".  Via Nocturna, After the first singing part :wink2:, when the bass is doing arpeggios

-S.o.t.R - Schwarzalbenheim and Helheim in the chorus part and in the solo riff. Sotr also Taking back the old guitar style of L.K.

- Lemuria and Sirius B - L.K. guitar style and B.S death vocals. Call of Dagon (the music structure of this song is similar to Symphony of the Dead), Quetzalcoatl

Gothic Kabbalah:

Progressive as always but in this case is easier to recognize.
Is the counterpart of L.K. In Lepaca Kliffoth the solo vocals started to give a chance to some choruses. In Gk is reversed.
The drums and the bass are more important than ever, so Know all the instruments have something to say.

Therion music is like the movement of a serpent, almost circular but advancing towards in front.  I hate my English, this is not the way I wanted to interpreted. I'm gonna do in Spanish and give it to someone with good English.
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Re: Your opinion about Gothic Kabbalah
« Reply #7 on: January 28, 2007, 12:25:07 pm »
Hi everyone,

I would like to complete my comment I made at the beginning of the topic because now, I have the 2 wonderfull CD's.

Firstly, I forgot to say that when I wrote my first post I didn't like the song "Gothic Kabbalah" and I have read in some different forums and websites that it was one of the most disappointing song. Now that I have listened to it more times, I think exactly the contrary: it is one of the most "fresh" song, even the "happy" singings are awesome.

This is very cool that all the band members and even people outside the band like Mats Léven wrote songs . And I also agree that now Therion looks more like a band than the project of Christofer exclusively (but I still love the older albums and all the songs he made are awesome).

Now I am really wondering what Therion will do for the next album...I have read that they will return to the style of Lemuria and Sirius B but I don't know, I think there is nothing official for the moment ( the new album is just out and I'm already thinking about the next ones :fish: ) ...and probably no one knows the way they'll surprise us for the next albums.

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Re: Your opinion about Gothic Kabbalah
« Reply #8 on: January 29, 2007, 06:46:16 am »
the new album is just out and I'm already thinking about the next ones

I have the same problem that you  :bawl:

I enjoy very much the GK, but I'm just wandering how much can Therion impruve in self.....hope this time we should not wait 3 years for the new album....but I know and all we know....that every new album of Therion have the destiny to be a blast!!

So....for now enjoy the amazing GK and all his older brothers....

I'm happy :drunk:
Saludos desde tiquisia, y Salve Therion!!!