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About the Inner Circle / Loyal Members section
« on: January 02, 2006, 09:24:33 am »
Hi folks,

you may have heard that there is an Inner Circle in NTSMS, a part of the forum that is only accessible for people with the status "Loyal Member". What is it good for? Well, of course it´s simply cool to be an Official NTSMS Loyal Member. :D But that´s not all. As a Loyal Member you may get information that´s not suitable for the public and can get into a much more personal contact with the other Loyal Members. There are special projects like a shirt design or the NTSMS All Hits CD in the Inner Cirlce. If you wish to you can also take part in our dreamers´ community, where we talk about our dreams and even do experiments about them.

In fact, there is only one important obligation for Loyal Members: Keep the Inner Circle closed, that means don´t talk about the things you hear there outside the Inner Circle. If you want to become a Loyal Member and if you want to observe that rule, you can apply. There is no determinate rule for admission: Just prove to us that you are worthy. <_< It´s best to send a PM to Luthien, to Ereshkigal or to me explaining why you want to become a Loyal Member and why you think you´re worthy.

Good luck!

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