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--- Quote from: Markus on May 30, 2007, 06:39:24 am ---I bought something deathy lately, but I still have't opened it, so the details are to follow.

--- End quote ---

Something deathy  :wOOt:

At least tell us the band name!  :innocent:

-Therion Society membership
-Therion SKULL T-shirt (--> still waiting for the parcel)

Thanks Aluqak for the extra  :fish:
And thanks Markus for the extra axe-in-the-head. 

I always feel well looked-after here!  :)

Today I bought Ziltoid The Omniscient by Devin Townsend ...just started listening and it's good fun so far!  :evil2:

Puts some thousand bombs under, up, next to and in Sirius.  :ninja:

And... sorry, no new purchases  :unsure:

I few days ago I got Gothic Kabbalah poster, now it's above my bed together with Lemuria/Sirius B, Blood of Kingu, Celebrators of Becoming and some other posters!  :)


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