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Not metal music you like.

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Well, i made this topic because i was hearing Madredeus (portuguese band). I'm not shure what type of music is, is like a combination of bossa nova, tango, spanish guitar, new age, i don't know but i like them very much. Other bands i like:

1.- Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (like dark folk with electronic)
2.- Shadowseeds ( you know what i mean)
3.- Jethro Tull
4.- Yes
5.- Rush
6.- Astor Piazzolla (nice tango)
7.- Emerson Lake and palmer.
8.- Nox Arcana
9.- Juan José Lavaniegos (he is my uncle, here is a link of some songs
10.- Classic Music , opera and contemporanean
11.- Cumbia xD (If you want to dance is a nice option)hehe.

The One:
I like besides Metal:
Symphonic/Classical/Movie Soundtrack
Some lighter Russian Rock bands
Some Folk music
Some Punk songs (not my style, but now I find a few songs enjoyable)
Some Latin Pop/Rock/Balad music (Few, but that's a something)

Industrial such as NIN, OOMPH, old Stabing Westward(The last album was horrible though)

Tori Amos (not sure what her music is considered) though again I don't like her latest album... the old stuff was great though

Soundtracks such as Last of the Mohicans, Braveheart, The Last Samurai

Older Rock Music- Led Zeppelin, Hendrix

Blues, jazz, classical. :thumbup:

Hi there,

I also like classical music - not surprising for a Therion fan - especially Baroque. And there's a neo-folk-band from my town that I like a lot. :)




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