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Not metal music you like.

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Unfortunatelly not :) It's not being played anywhere now. I think last time they played it it was 10 years ago and last year I saw some posters but I think it was in the National Opera. But no Wagner in this season :(
But trust me that in case I have the possibility to go, I would like to :) I came across the music of Tristan und Isolde in one movie I really like and since then it could  not leave my mind in peace. So that's why I am asking.

Do You have any experience with this? Do You like it Lucy? Please feel free to tell me anything!

Yes I do like it! :) Try to download it somewhere! And please read thoroughly the story, because I enjoyed a lot when I understood what's happening on the stage at the moment. Especially in the first act, I found it fantastic how he expressed by the music the hidden emotions, the changes, the forecoming tragedy...

Well, it's not the happiest opera at all, but on the contrary. :( For me the most touching is the figure of king Marke - he is so human but he hasn't got enough power to change fate.

It's... erm... long. :D

Hey folks,

unfortunately I can't say anything about this particular opera. The only ones by Wagner I've seen - the only operas I've seen in years - are "Rheingold" and "Siegfried". Those I've liked a lot! I wasn't so fond of the music when listening to it from the records but live on stage it was just plain amazing.

--- Quote from: Lucy on May 20, 2012, 07:42:31 am ---It's... erm... long. :D

--- End quote ---

Ummm... it's Wagner. :nana: Old Richie from Leipzig - my neighbour city. :biggrin:



Yes, all Wagner's stuff is so long :) That's why they do not put in on the stage here :(  The main reason.

Lucy, thank You for the feedback. :)  Yes, I know, it's very sad story (trust me, right now I understand it better You though but somehow it's helping from time to time).


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