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Jo Ta Erre:
@ Sirius: Oh you lucky guy!

I saw Sabbath in 1998, when they made the reunion tour. But when they played here, Bill Ward was ill, and Vinnie Appice played drums (great as he does). And it´s true, to be in front of these real monsters of rock (Ozzy, Geezer, Tony and Vinnie) was completely amazing and magic. An unique experience.

The same feeling when you are singing the "smoke on the water" in a Deep Purple show. They both are already history, and we are lucky of enjoying them. :rolleyes:

Hehe, JR, you have some good taste in music!  Sounds like you've seen some fantastic concerts  :)

I have also been lucky enough to meet Tony Iommi, who was very cool, signed my Sabbath albums and chatted at length.

It is the only time I have ever been awestruck at any time in my life.  He had a real presence, just like the legend he is, but he was so friendly, a great guy.

I also have seen Cathedral supporting Black Sabbath, which was on the Cross Purposes tour, probably about 1993.  :)

Jo Ta Erre:
Sirius, have you ever seen the 1968 year Rolling Stones´ "Rock & Roll Circus" film? There you can see Tony Iommi playing guitar with...Jethro Tull. Yes, it shocked me too.  :blink:

Last year, other (little) giant shocked me; Mr. Ronnie James Dio. I´ve never seen him before and his show was really powerful. I think that Dio is one of these real monsters of rock i´ve said before, don´t you think? His works with Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath; his solo career...i can only say: chapeau!!! B)

And yes, you´re right again, i like going to concerts and i´ve seen very interesting shows..and i expect i will continue <_<  this weekend we have a double choice; on friday Graveworm, Communic, Numen and (i think that is confirmed) Ensiferum. And next day, saturday, Baron Rojo and Judas Priest. Noisy weekend B)

@Sirus: Man you are my  idol!!! A secret concert before the Black Sabbath reunion... and even better than the Metallica - Anthrax 1986 tour you say.
Suddenly I am getting jealous :ph34r:. No seriously, good for you.
Unfortunately when I lived in my home country, the number of concerts was very limited. I began to see real big concerts when I moved to Canada (and then, following Murphy's laws, the big Metal groups started touring in Colombia :angry:).
To date the best I have seen here in Canada are:
2001 Slayer, Soulfly & In Flames
2002 Iron Maiden & Arch Enemy
2004 Dimmu Borgir, God Forbid & Necronomicon

The worst: 31-10-2004 Cradle of Filth & Blinded by Faith

Next in my agenda: 03-05-2005 Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, Hypocrisy & Mnemic

@Jo Ta Erre: I saw Judas once back in 1990... they are AWESOME live. To see the duo Downing-Tipton making speak their guitars is quiet impresive.

Jo Ta Erre:
Aluqak; I know. I saw them in 1997 (or it was 1998?) in the Jugulator tour, with Ripper Owens. If you can download the 1975 Rocka Rolla video. what shirts and haircuts!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blink:


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