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OK guys, I'm opening a serious thread (for a change) to ask you to share your experiences in the concerts you have (or will) been to.
Tell us everything you want: your favourite concert, your worst concert, the concert of your dreams, the next concerts in your agenda, some reviews of the concerts you have been to, etc.
(My two cents to re-activate this forum with something different to spam :)).

Well, my best concert is when Therion came here. This is something never, ever seen before in my small little 3rd world country  :blush: It was packed! The bad thing is that I could not enter in the crowd. Ppl were wild and one felt like drowning from so much heat and others ppl sweat  and stuff I dunno wanna know
 :mellow: That is the only thing I regret. Not been able to watch from close.

My worst concert has been when I went to see Mago de Oz in Guatemala. I spent money and we went in a all metal fan trip there. It was a very tiring trip, but all for Mago. When they began to play at the 4th song it began to rain a little, suddenly they disappeared......then they never showed up  <_< Then there were riots 'cuz the ppl were so angry. The police threw pepper spray at us and I felt like dying, I couldn't breathe and everything itched. (I wasn't participating in the riots but the gas affected everyone). It was terrible, horrible. Since that they I never listen to Mago de Oz...bastards ...hehe  :blush:

Jo Ta Erre:
Hi ppl;
One of the best concerts i´ve ever seen, happened the 13th december 1996, when i saw The Blood Divine, Cathedral and My Dying Bride (when the "Like Gods of  the Sun" tour). It just was amazing; something magic for me. I was a Cathedral fan since 1995 and i recently discovered the "Angel and the Dark River" from MDB. Just fantastic..
On the other hand,  my first heavy concert was also special; 13th november 1992, when Metallica played here, in San Sebastián with their black album tour. 12000 guys screaming and jumping, and me, 18 years old, hipnotized ...

I love this game... :rolleyes:

Couple of days ago I was in one caffe bar or better to say pub. It's called Maya pub. There was one group called Big Orra, they are something like Iron Maiden tribute band. They were playing just Maiden songs.
There were just I don't know 20-30 people jumping and singing but it was great. Although they played The Wicker Man and The Trooper, they played it once more at the end.

@ JR:  I've met Lee Dorrian of Cathedral and he's a really great guy, very friendly, very funny.

Right, my fave concert ever:
I got into Sabbath just when the original line up split up.  It was always my dream to see that original line up, right from day one.  In 1997 they reformed and played a big stadium here & I went along, but somehow it was all too big.  Not like I wanted it.

Then in 2001, they did a secret warm up gig before another big stadium tour, and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to this warm up!  Hehe, word got out and on the day there were thousands queing outside the venue, but only us with tickets could get in.  This was the concert of my dreams, and they performed like nothing I have ever seen.  Just a few hundred people there, and no support act, no stage show.  I was like 5 feet in front of Ozzy & Tony and they were totally amazing.  Forget Ozzy's TV shows and suspect solo career - put him in front of Sabbath & he's young again!  Flawless performance.

I then decided I could retire from concert going forever.  It was better even than Metallica/Anthrax on the 1986 Master of Puppets tour.

But I've been to a couple more since.  Nightwish, Therion, ...and the original line up of Testament is playing here in May...  :D


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