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Hello dear folks:

Ixtlan is my band and finally we have updated a song called Axis Mundi

Soon I´ll post the lyrics in spanish and english

Spanish above, English below

Axis Mundi

Serpiente del cosmos
desciende al mundo
ofreciendo los frutos
de la verdad
Axis mundi,
árbol que transporta

Serpiente de lluvia
¡vacía el pozo,
bebe sabiduría,
da tu ojo!

Ascendiendo y descendiendo
en busca de otra realidad

Ascensión extática
Caracol Tolteca
Repta y Vuela
¨Descensus ad Inferos¨

Innana, Kali, Coatlicue, Amateratsu & Afrodita


Axis mundi

Serpent of the cosmos
descent to the world
offering the fruits
of truth.

Axis mundi,
the tree which transports.

Serpent of the rain
!empty the well,
drink wisdom,
give your eye!

Ascending and descending
searching for the other reality

Static Asencion
Toltec snail
Repta* and fly
¨Descensus ad Inferos¨

(she)will descend
(she)will  reborn

*Repta is a word derived from ¨Reptile¨. Reptar in spanish is the act of move of the reptile.

The One:
Good song dude, I liked it.
Any art I could help you out with? :biggrin:


--- Quote from: The One on October 23, 2007, 01:05:54 am ---Good song dude, I liked it.
Any art I could help you out with? :biggrin:

--- End quote ---

We want a logo man. The one we have is provisional but is more or less the idea we want of it (with Ouroboros). If you could do some ideas I would be very grateful.

Congratulations! I like your song, I think it's a very good start. :thumbup: Let us hear other songs too please!


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