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Does anyone play Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, Hellfire or Lord of Destruction?

I play there Blizzard games for wow..10 years or more ;) It's my family's fav game (mine, my sister's and brother's favourite game for years)

I had an original diablo 2 LOD game but my cat destroyed the main cd with the game and I have to buy a new one box of Diablo 2 to play this game again..In my local store it costs 60 zł ~ 15 - 18 euros

The One:
I always wanted to try it out, but never bought it or anything.
Might ask for a friend to lend it to me.

Hello Agnes , I am a Diablo2 LOD player, 6 years i think , lvl 98 sorch , lvl 93 amazon, lvl 90 java
It's a cool game but after some time (years) you get bored of it :(
Now i am playing Lineage2 - that's the base :"D
Hmm You didn't had to buy another diablo 2 cd if the cat  destroyed it becouse you only need the original cd-key ,
Use a fake intall kit from the net (.iso , imagine ) and put the serial key  :unsure:

App : what chars do you have? and on what realm do you play

Blizzard games rule! I have been playing Diablo 2 since 2000. from time to time. My main goal was to catch lvl 99 in which I succeed with assassin. Last year I was playing Diablo 2 Hell Unleashed, it's an unofficial mode with which you can play Diablo online without having an original and it was so fun cause there are some new levels, enemies and the game was so much tougher, much more challenging. I also have Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction t-shirt (my favorite) and 2 posters on my wall. I have original Blizzard box set (Diablo 1, Warcraft + expansion, Stacraft + expansion).

I had a big poster of diablo 2 with a barbarian with an axe but someone from  my family destroyed it when I was moving to this room where I live now.

T-shirt....send me :D :wub:


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