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What was first album you ever bought?

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Hi there...
Today I have been talking with my friend. He works as a night receptionist at the hotel. So we spend looong nights talking about music, movies, literature, and so on. Now we were talking about American Beauty and recall that AB soundtrack was my first CD...

What was your first album?  :roll-eyes:


   Twisted sister, the one with the iron mask guy on it, i dont even remember its name, i was 6 years old :)

   yo yo yo :)

Deggial  :) I ha bought other records before, but considering my parents' tastes and so on (car discs, bla bla).

Mine was a compilation from Motley Crue:

I don't have it anymore :(

But I remember a guy from school was selling it, I was intrigued by the cover, it really caught my attention. So I saved a lot to buy it! it would only cost me $11, but back in those days, when I was only 12, $11 (or actually 100.00 colones) was a lot of money! So I saved, and bought it :)

I've lost it now  :bawl: but will remain as the 1st album I ever bought! *sigh*

The One:
First album I ever bought... hm... First METAL album I bought was Sirius B. :biggrin:


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