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Do you know Orphaned Land?

I discovered them thanks to Therion chat, I think it was Eresh who recommended it to me. It's a fantastic mix with death metal, oriental instruments, English-Hebrew-Latin-Arab languages... And its concept is really amazing too: religion, but not in one-way. They talk about the 3 monotheistic religions as one, and they sing about them as the same not as enemies, a very important and strange thing if you know they're from Israel.

I love "Mabool" and "El Norra Alila", although the other discs are good too. But those two...  :wub:  And yes, they have some growls, but these growls are so nicely put that doesn't bother me  :lol:

I have to say that last Orphaned Land's album released in 2010 - The Never Ending Way of Orwarrior was a masterpiece. I was disappointed at first cause it didn't sound like Mabool which was amazing but after some time I think I even like it more than Mabool. Recently downloaded their live album The Road To OR-Shalem and it sounds great and I have to say that usually I don't like live albums. I have to buy the DVD.

A reply after 5 years, not bad at all!  :nosweat:

And yes, I have to say that the last album is a masterpiece! Although I don't undestand very much in technique, I can realize that the production is the best one with great difference! And the concept, the songs... the booklet! All!

I'll watch the DVDs and play the live CD as soon as I can... but not today, that I'm going to SEE them life. YEHAAAAA!!!!! :yeha:

Last time you saw them, were they headliners or? I am asking cause I saw them with Amorphis and Ghost Brigade.

Headliners, of course! There were 3 bands, and they were the important ones. Yesterday, there were 4 bands: 3 + Orphaned Land.+

Concert review, photos and videos to come!!  :yeha:


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