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Blind Guardian is my favourite band,but I don't know about you.
What is your opinino about them?
Do you listen to them?
How long?
When started?
Why not?...Etc!
Please tell me.Thank you

 :party43: Valhalla,Deliverance,would you ever forgot me? :party43:

BG is my very first heavy band, with Rhapsody. At first it was "too heavy" for me, but very soon I discovered I enjoy their music more than Rhapsody... my taste quickly improved  :evil:

If not because of them, maybe I never had researched for more metal bands, therefore I would never discovered Therion. I think they're really great! And I envy so much a friend of mine who has interviewed them for a Spanish metal site. ARRRGGGGGG!!!!!! (he interviewed Rage too... lucky bastard!!!  :ph34r: ).

To finish, I want to say that it was hard for me to get used to their last album, A Night At The Opera, as it's too much overloaded, but finally I forced my ears to enjoy it. What will happen with their new future album, which is going to be released soon?

BG was one of my first bands.
I started with HammerFall, than Rhapsody, and then BG.
At first I didn't think anything specialy about them, but after i listened to Nightfall in Middle-Earth, i was inlove.

I don't listen to it much tho, because i just got tired of it... i listened it too much...
That's why I never let myselfe listen to Therion too much. I don't want it to get boring, I want it to be as fantastic as it was when i started listening to it.

I also like BG.  I think I like Forgotten Tales the best...   there are oldie cover songs on it.

I love Nightfall In Middle Earth, the most complete album imo.


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