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The bands you DON'T like

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Are there a bands thah you never liked?  Why?
I never liked Manson, I think only one of his albums is more-less exceptable to me.
Not mentioning he is all just showbuissnes.

Hi there,

sure, there are quite a few. I agree about MM, for instance, for the same reasons. Also Edguy were never really interesting to me; perhaps I just don't share their humour.

Then I listened into Impaled Nazarene last week and disliked it, too. The music was too plain and too screechy for my ears, and the lyrics... if they mean them, they belong to jail, if they don't they have the sickest humour. (And I do mean "sick" as in "disgusting and not even funny").

The list is probably longer, but these came to my mind right now.



The list is endless! I don't like either death/black metal (and that includes Therion's musical past) or other screechy, messy type of music, so that discards a lot of bands from start.

I don't like messy type either...
I can listen it only when I'm braindead and not in the mood for more serious music.

Ah! an old topic re-incarnated!
I don't like most commercial pseudo-metal bands (perhaps because I get into metal listening to that kind of stuff? :blink:). The most recent example would be Trivium... Yes, they are good musicians, but their attitude sucks at the highest level (saw them live last year and I had to leave). I also have a lot of problems with brutal-noisy-death-metal (i.e. Cryptopsy) and with stupid-racist-black-metal (i.e. Burzum). The list of bands I dislike will probably be endless, but that's the idea. :unsure:


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