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Tell me your dreams
« on: September 02, 2005, 07:43:22 pm »
OK, this topic is created because I fear for Luth's health.
I'm afraid that she will hurt her selfe (or us) if we don't post...

My most desturbing dream that I had about 8 years ago: (sorry for the worst english ever)

I was in *kindergarden*(german, don't know in english) witch was somehow in the bushes behind building I live in.
It was night, I was starting to be afraid...
I asked my ***(the woman that work in *kindergartens*) can the wolfes broke the windows and get in?
In the distance I heard wolfs doing the "wolf-sound"
The ***(kindergarden-woman) said that they can't.
We all went to sleep...
Wolfs broke the windows and got in, they started to kill my friends
I was croling on the floor and run through the doors
I found myselfe in pasage in my building, some monster started to folow me (didn't see the monster, but I know there was one).
My pajama fell and I triped over it and fell...
I wake up...

I had that exact dream 6 times in 2 weeks, and every time I woke up at the same scene!

Again, sorry for english (I am English killer member after all, am I not?)
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Tell me your dreams
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2005, 09:00:09 am »
The more incredible of your dream is the fact of having it 6 times! Damn! Luckily it seems you haven't dreamt it anymore...

Now you only dream with me killing all NTSMS disidents!!!
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