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Hello :-)

I just wanted to create a topic now where we can share and try to understand the lyrics of the other bands :-)

A Finntroll's lyrics brought me to that idea, cause there's a song I really love and it's in Finnish. It's supposed to be old Finnish shamanic curse and I found some transltion by a native Finn.

But my question is - what do You think is the curse for?

Halte'uttani havautan
velho'uttani verestän
Unenketra, unten poika
Salat saattele etehen
salat uusissa unissa
miehen mieli nukkuessa
Näytä mulle murhamiehet
Paljon on pahantekijät
Jotta kostohon kykenen
tämän kuun kumottaessa
tämän keträn kelluessa

Nouse nyt luonto lovesta
Haltija havon alta
Havon alta hattu piässä
Kiven alta kinnas käessä
Vihollista viskuessa
Katehi kuatuessa
Nouse luonto loukostasi
Haltija havon altasi


My sprite nature is being awakaned
I'm bringing back to life the memory of my sprite nature*
Unenketra, the son of slumber
Bring forth the secrets
the secrets in dreams to come
the mind of man when he is asleep
Show me the murdering men
So many evil doers are out there
So that I'm able to avenge
while this moon light shines
while this "keträ" still floats

Now, arise my nature from the crack
The sprite from beneath a twig
From beneath a twig wearing a hat
From beneath a stone a mitten in hand (just one)
As you whisper(?) after the enemy
As the hand(?) falls
Arise, my nature, from your trap
The sprite from beneath your twig

I'm a native Finn, but every word in this song is not easy to understand. Quite dialectical.

*(literally: make blood rush into the my sprite nature, or anyway smth with blood in my sprite nature, just another cute Finnish expression this "verestää")

Hey there, Kris,

I wonder what this "sprite nature" stands for. But so far this sounds to me like someone trying to go wild so that he may take revenge for some violence.

Do you have any other ideas?




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