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This wizard's falling
« on: October 05, 2010, 06:08:36 pm »
I love magic for magic's sake, I'm very studious. I keep a stronghold high in the snowy mountains and watch ever vigilantly from my Tower Black. My prolonged life however has taken a turn for the worst... Due to my desolation, I grow ever more slightly and slowly insane, and have been lately delving in the dark arts. Necromancy. I wish no harm upon others, but have a morbid curiosity with the afterlife, and the undead. Call it boredom. Call it a search for learning. Call it what you will. In secret, I've consulted others of my kind and have decided to embark upon the great journey of achieving Lichdom. I realize this will cut me off from all of my humanity, but I truly grow weary of this world, of this existence in its current form. I long for ultimate dominion over my soul, instead of it over me. Perversion of life at its greatest.