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What do you guys think about folk metal?
I love it!!!!! One genre that I have discovered reciently is Folk Black Metal, wich is AWESOME!!!!! Check out these bands:
Mago de oz

I like folk, too! About bands you have written, I've only heard Mägo, but is a strange story: more or less three years ago, my sister was hearing Mägo, and I asked her for this band. She told me it was a metal band, and I was soooooooo surprised! I became a Mägo's fan, but, unluckily, I didn't hear anyone else metal band. Not since a friend of mine gave me for my last birthay two metal albums: Rhapsody and Blind Guardian. It was the moment: after than, I realize that I don't like metal: I LOVE IT! I searched for other metal bands, and now I know too about Nightwish, Luca Turilli, Avastasia, Haggard, Trail of Tears, Rata Blanca, Stratovarius... and THERION, my favourite band! It was at december 2003, so I think I've discovered a lot in a few time...

Thanks, Inma! (the friend who give me firsts metal albums) :D

Maybe I'm an OFF-topic. Excuse me! :P


--- Quote ---Suidakra
Mago de oz
--- End quote ---

Hey Manolo! good selection!  I love all those bands!! (except I never heard Mago de oz).

I drove all round Iceland listening to Falkenbach!  It was superb!

Finntroll are crazy guys, their oompah Troll-metal totally kills!!  :D   As for Suidakra, Emprise to Avalon is a fave.   B)  (I prefer it to later stuff like Signs for the Fallen)

From days gone by, I used to like a bit of Skyclad.  Prince of the Poverty Line is a good early folked-up metal album  - clever lyrics too! :)

@Luthien:  Keep on searching!! There are LOADS of bands for you to discover yet!!  :D
For True Power Metal try 'A Flame To The Ground Beneath' by Lost Horizon.  Great vox!!  True Metal!!

Siruis13: Mago de oz is probably the only decently known metal band that sings in spanish. They are AWESOME! Check them out! And about suidakra, emprise to avalon is the only cd I have from them, and I fucking love it :D

I love metal with a touch of folklore in it. Mago de Oz is cool, good celtic influences. I love the flute on their songs.  :D
Moonsorrow has to be one of my favorites. B)  Have some music for anyone who wishes to just message me! Also have this other band: Ensiferium. Isengard is kind of interesting too although his recordings sux! <_<
But anyways hey Manolo! I think there are other bands that sing in spanish that ain´t that bad at all. I like Avalanch too (with the old lead singer, although this is not folk), Tierra Santa also has good songs, as well as Baron Rojo.

Peace!  :D


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