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a fucking lost

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well , i assume that everybody here is hurt about what happened to the exguitarrist of pantera, its a great lost for the metal music, why that guy killed him ???? why he didnt killed limp bizkit, korn or the other clowns?? he killed one of the best guitarrist ever...........HAIL DARREL ABBOTT, YOU'LL LIVE FOREVER IN THE METAL HISTORY!!!

I really wasn't a big fan of Pantera, and did't knew much of their work, but this was a big tragedy, and a great loss to the metal scenery :(

I am also w/ you Lepaca! Never a big fan of Pantera, but I surely believe a big lost to metal  -_-

stay heavy:
I am a big fan of pantera and of course a big fan of Dimebag as well

                  ROCK IN PEACE DIMEBAG!!!!!!!


Indeed... it is a sad lost. Pantera was cool... not the best, but still, musica community IS in grief!



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