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Title: Keeping it pure
Post by: Sirius13 on July 06, 2007, 08:40:03 pm
I don't know enough (any) Spanish.  So any attempts by me to use it here would just be annoying, I'm sure.

However, I enjoy one or two topics in here, and I try really hard to understand what is being said, even if I can't really respond very well.

So I am hoping that you will quietly ignore my English-ness, if I keep it to a minimum.  I don't want to disrespect your section and show bad manners by just turning up and posting here! ...I'm hoping you can kind of just overlook my presence.

So what do you think?  :ninja:

Title: Re: Keeping it pure
Post by: Aluqak on July 06, 2007, 09:04:54 pm
Bueno, como a todos nos gusta masacrar el inglés .... o es a los ingleses? :unsure:... bueno en fin, la idea es que solo había una respuesta posible para mi: "Muere bajo el filo de mi espada maldito inglés!" :wicking:
[We are all English killers in this section. Soooo, as a good English killer I only could answer "Die by the sword you English scum" :wicking:]

No seriously, I don't really care... but I would be really flattered if some day you start posting in Spanish as we all do in English..... until that day, have a beer :cheers: ... and a fish :fish:.
Title: Re: Keeping it pure
Post by: Ereshkigal on July 06, 2007, 10:10:00 pm
Siii!!! Quemenlo en la hoguera! (Translation: Yeah! throw him in the fire  :fireevil:)


Ok, ok, talvez no, pero no te preocupes Rick, es diviertido tenerte por estos rumbos (Translation: Ok, ok, maybe not...but don't worry Rick, it's fun to have you around in this part of the forum)

See? I even translated, maybe you can begin learning some spanish now  -_-

Title: Re: Keeping it pure
Post by: Loke on July 07, 2007, 01:21:59 am

  We ll fight together mate, we have the right to be everywhere :D  (the scot said)

  bienvenido y si tienes algun problema mandame un pm y yp te ayudo, no es dificil despues de todo

  yo yo yo :)=
Title: Re: Keeping it pure
Post by: The One on July 07, 2007, 04:49:54 am
VOCES! Voces muy confusas entran en la mente!
Title: Re: Keeping it pure
Post by: Elizabeth on July 09, 2007, 09:41:32 am
Hey, Rick!

English politeness, hm?  :lol3: I don't mind having you posting here and there around the section (but that's exclusively my point of view), 'cause your posts are always nice and funny... so you better keep it that way if you don't want to die (again!) by an Elvish sword!  :evil2:
Title: Re: Keeping it pure
Post by: Thagirion on August 06, 2007, 02:13:46 am
Hay una cosa bien graciosa... Todos bien rudos, y malos... SON UNOS MATAPOLLOS!!! :whistle: Jajajaja yo no le veo problema rick, bienvenido... Y ya hay un esocés, ahi iba de metiche pero mi lengua natal es mas parecida al español que nada... asi que... Postea, aqui te haremos trizas..

There´s a very funny thing... Everybody so rude... So bad... ALL OF YOU ARE KILLERCHIKENS!!!  :whistle: hahahaha i don´t see a problem welcome Rick, there´s a scot, i was wondering if i can say the same, but my original lenguage it´s so seemed to the spanish... Soo... Post here!!! And we are going to make you pieces...  :evil2:

Listening seek and destroy!!! :yeha: