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Title: The story begins...
Post by: Luth on December 20, 2006, 09:38:20 pm
The Queen is sitting in her throne, looking at the peasant who has demanded to talk with her. The news he has just given her are not good... Fire is ever an unpredictable element, but it's not usual that it burns all the fields of a family... which are separate! Of course, the Queen thinks, it could have been provoked but... would it burn a field and stop before arriving to next one? It's just as if some dark wizard have done it...

Thinking is good, but the Queen is not alone in her power. She asks for her loyal Priest, a good adviser who has never disappointed her, who will never betray her, and someone so wise and fond in magical matters that he'll be a good aid now. Sure he'll help her to solve this riddle...
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: The One on December 20, 2006, 09:53:25 pm
Meanwhile, a young wizard wanders around outer walls of the Queen's palace.
He has no intentions of disturbing anyone, but as he gets close enough to an open window, he hears the Queen's conversation with the peasant.
He starts thinking about helping her in sloving this riddle... He remembers all of the fire wizards, both masters and apprentices he knew... None could have comitted such a crime; he himslef was also a wizard with power over elemental magic, but he just remembered sleeping out in the forest and hunting all day long. So he just waits out there near the open window to see what happens next...
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: Markus on December 20, 2006, 11:30:34 pm
The priest is told about the most remarkable fire incident by the queen. The peasant has brought some of his burnt crops to the queen to support his pledge, and right now the priest is brooding above these with a gloomy face. He can tell that whoever has done this has left no trace of his magic besides the strangely burnt fields themselves. Whoever has done that was quite a mighty master of magic. But who can tell to what purpose those fields were burnt...?
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: The One on January 01, 2007, 05:21:48 pm
As the young wizard still watches through the window, two guards come up to him and drag him out of the palace. But then, they have a better idea, just to humilliate the young one, they bring him up before the Queen, who seems not to be pleased when the guards tell her about the doings of the young one.
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: IronCretin on April 14, 2007, 11:43:24 am
The Queen looks upon the disheveled Wizard in distaste.

"Young wizard, have you no sense?  Surely you must know that your behaviour may be deemed as treason, punishable by death?"

The wizard bows deeply, and his cheeks redden. 

"My queen, I never meant to violate the sanctity of your private matters, however, I know, as well as you, that no wizard of this land could be responsible for burning those crops.  I fear that there must be some darker force at work here."

"You are clearly quite impetuous young man, despite this, you are correct in your summation. . . I have ruled for many a years, too many, some might say, and I consider myself an impeccable judge of character.  I see in you great things, if you are able to control your rash actions.  Therefore, I shall grant you pardon and, as penance, give you the task of investigating these fields.  To accompany you I shall send Odenetl, the great shaman.  Hopefully his understanding of the natural world will help solve this mystery with the utmost expedience.  You may go young one."

The young wizard protests, "But your majesty. . ."

"Silence!  My decision will NOT be overturned, count your blessings wizard, I shall NOT be so lenient in the future."

The wizard is escorted from the castle and given a mount, so that he may meet Odenetl and journey with him to the scorched fields. 

And so our tale begins in earnest. . . Who has scorched the fields?  How will the shaman react to his assigned tasks?  Will the young wizard be able to ride a horse?  Will he have to use the bathroom at all during this story?  And most importantly. . . where is the Anglerfish?

Only time will tell. . .

Oh, and if no one minds, I wouldn't mind creating a character of my own at some point. . .

~The (Un-Characterised) Cretin~
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: IronCretin on April 15, 2007, 11:53:51 am
The Young Wizard and his mount ride slowly down through the city.  The hustle and bustle of market greets them as they near the town's common.  A great scene unfolds before them.  Perfumes assail the wizard's nose, accentuated by undertones of roasted duck, pickled geese eggs, and the lingering scent of the exotic Flit's mesh, a fabric woven entirely from the feathers of a fairy-like creature, found only in the N'wahnt moors.  Sounds accompany the sights, as vendors attempt to sell their goods, showing off exquisitely coloured shells of the Rainbow Tortoise, crafted into delicate bowls, fine vases constructed by the elves of Kilaylih, and bizarre contraptions rigged together by the imps during the War of Imps and Gnomes (WIG, also called The War of the Little Ones, much to their chagrin).  The Wizard keeps a close eye on his purse as he makes his way past the merchants, stopping here or there when tempted to do so.  A stunningly beautiful woman catches his eye and he almost loses his concentration long enough for a small gnomish master of prestidigitation to lighten his load.  However, the Young Wizard (whose name shall now be revealed as Forrest Gump. . . but most people call him Forrest Gump Carthicus. . . but prefers Carth (pronounced with a hard C, like Conan, but with less muscle, and no sword)) catches his lustful folly quickly enough to reclaim his goods with a simple spell of levitation. 

Carth continues on his way, exiting the market and following the directions given to him by the Priest (who will, without a doubt, reappear in our story shortly), makes his way to the home of Odenetl, the shaman.  The door of the appropriate address presents itself with character since an extremely talented carpenter has carved a face into the door where the knocker should be.  Carth, unsure of the proper ettiquette when approaching a door that stares back at you, responds as he would at any door, he knocks. 
"Who DARES to touch the face of the portal that leads to the GREAT shaman, Odenetl?"
Carth squints in wonder as the face moves and comes to life before his eyes.  The wood creaks and groans as the door talks, although there is no throat, as such, from which the sound eminates. 
"By order of the Queen I, the great young, unheard of until now, wizard CARTH doth disturb the face of the portal that leads to the GREAT shaman Ode-nettle."
"That's right, Ode-nettle"
The door creaks forth a sigh.
"Very well then, I take it the Queen has need of my services once again."
"I'm sorry door, did you say YOUR services?  For I was sent to summon forth the great shaman Ode-nettle. . . not the great face of the portal of the GREAT shaman Ode-nettle."
"STEP BACK, oh young inattentive wizard, for you shall witness firsthand the power of a master shaman."
Carth steps back, as he does so the wood of the door seems to dissipate.  The face, simultaneously, begins to coalesce into a more lifelike representation of a man.  In fact, out of the wall materialises a fully grown man with the features of the door's face.  Before long the man appears complete, and the wall behind is indistinguishable from any other wall along the street.
The man is not unlike the trees which he has, undoubtably, studied his entire life.  His skin seems tough and worn, almost with the texture of wood.  His hair is coarse and springs out from underneath a journeyman's cap like a bed of nettles.  His hands are gnarled, seemingly with arthritis, or some such affliction, yet they move with the grace of a blade of grass in the wind.  His eyes are deep and shadowed, his face surrounded with a matted beard, almost moss-like in formation.  His clothes are adorned with carvings, necklaces, talismans, and a large dreamweaver hangs about his neck.  He is garbed in a long, dark green robe.  A small animal of some sort seems to cling to his shoulders, which Carth can only assume to be his familiar, or Fylgja.  As Carth watches, a staff seems to shoot up from the ground and into the shaman's waiting hand.
"I am Odenetl, that's ODENETL, NOT Ode-nettle!  I am here for the Queen young man, NOT summoned by you, nor for you.  Now if you'll kindly tell me WHY you've disturbed me, we might be on our way, and I may return to my slumber."

And so (which is how all these time filling sequences begin) Carth fills Odenetl in on their task and the two share the horse (who is less than ecstatic about having TWO riders) for the journey to the fields.  Which was horribly eventful and full of wonders beyond your imagination. . . Thus I shall save us both the trouble and ignore them, for next we shall pick up at the fields, where the great wizards of CSI shall analyse the fields using the magicks of forensics. . . oh. . . wait. . . Nevermind. . . THUS. . . yadda yadda yadda, pick up at the fields, where Carth and the GREAT shaman Odenetl shall attempt to get to the bottom of this crisis once and FOR ALL. . .

~The (Ever Boring) Cretin~
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: Luth on April 15, 2007, 08:41:00 pm
In the meanwhile, the Queen is talking with the High Priest about their decitions. To send a young and unexperienced apprentice of wizard seems no logic to the Queen, but the Priest is sure: he tells her that the Omen has talked. Nothing is sure, but one thing: this young apprentice is going to become someone very important in the developement of the story of these lands. What he can't tell is in which direction...
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: The One on April 16, 2007, 02:56:27 am
Odenetl and the young wizard riding on a single horse arrive at the scene of crime, the burned fields and dismount. A farmer lying under a tree sees them and stands up, the man's hat covers his face. "Are you here to bring even more destruction?" he says in a low voice. Right before any reply can be given, he goes on: "You see, some strange force came here and burned the fields, the barn, everything I had, even the little cattle I had was burned to death. The only thing left are these ashes, myself my wife and my children... Thank Notessomes our Queen will try to get the problem solved"
"Sir, we are here to try to find what caused this problem" says Odenetl
"An adolescent and a queerly-dressed old man!? What good can you two do here? If this what the Queen has sent to help me, this kingdom must be in a time of decadence!" the farmer exclaimed
"Sir, I am highly capable of finding the responsible for this crime" replies Odenetl
"Ok, go ahead, I don't know what will you be able to do here, but I already have pretty much nothing to lose... One more thing... You young one, I know your type, so if you get a single finger of yours on my daughter, I'm hanging you on a a pine tree's branch!" Says the farmer before going back under the tree where he was lying.
The wizard spies the rest of the farmers family down the field. He and the shaman ride towards them to make some questions. They engage in a conversation with the farmer's wife and his older daughter, but obtain no other than the information than the information than what the farmer had told them already.
During the conversation the young lady catches the wizard's eye, pretty face, blue eyes, wavy blond hair. After the important questions are over, he engages in a more casual conversation with her. Suddenly, the pretty girl's father appears running and screaming, armed with a stick.
His attack is quick and impredictable, the young one recieves a fair blow in the head and falls to the ground unconcious.

What will happen next?
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: Loke on April 16, 2007, 03:58:36 am

   The sound of a sweet song awakes our young one, still, dizzzy due to the fierce attack recieved, he walkes towards the music , wondering if this is the world in which he is used to walk , or if he is immerse in a fantasy  that will make his transition to the other world easier..., at the bottom of a tree he could see the figure of what it looked like a man, or at least that's what he thought at a glimps.

   From within the man-shaped shodow a deep voice emerged, "come here young one...and be ready to recieve the advice of the twisted bard..."

   Next ..it's up to you :)

yo yo yo :)
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: IronCretin on April 16, 2007, 10:18:49 am
Carth approaches the withered figure, "Who. . . or what are you?"
Upon approaching, the scene changes drastically.  The tree bursts into flames, fire lapping at the air hungrily. A dense fog descends around Carth and masks all but the budding conflagration.  The figure is benighted by the mist, and Carth looks around helplessly.
"Give UP on your tasssk.  You have no bussinessss here, in these fieldssss, with thisssss SHAMAN." The enshrouded character spits out the last word, which seethes with hate. 
"I repeat my question, who ARE you?"
Music again greets the young wizard's ears, however it is discordant, and unharmonious.  The music is disorientating and Carth struggles to maintain conciousness.  The flames seem to feed on the notes and move quickly towards Carth, as if propelled by the oils of Dragonskins.  Carth cries out and then swoons into complete mental exhaustion.

Carth awakens, bathed in his own sweat, feverish. 
"Ahhhh, young one, you are awake.  Clearly a great spell has been lifted."
Carth cannot master his voice, but attempts to do so, nonethesless.  "Whhh. . . I. . . a witch. . ."
"Speak SENSE. . . Here, drink this."
Odenetl tips Carth's head back and a smooth liquid, tasting of lavender oils, flows into Carth's mouth.
"I saw a WITCH Odenetl. . . a serpents voice, flames, fog. . . It was HORRIBLE!"
Color drains from Odenetl's cheeks, and his lip quavers ever so slightly.
"A serpents voice you say?  May the gods help us. . . Lamia has returned."

And so the mystery deepens. . . who is this Lamia?  How is she associated with the burned crops?  Why was there music playing?  Did The Cretin ruin Loke's AWESOME plot twist?  Why did Paul Di'anno feel compelled to write a song to her?  Does this signify Paul returning to front Iron Maiden?  STAY TUNED TO HEAR THE ANSWERS TO ALL THESE QUESTIONS (except the last two) AND MORE!

~The (Festering) Cretin~
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: IronCretin on April 18, 2007, 11:55:39 am
Side note to Loke:  If u're pissed 'cause I changed what the character was supposed to be (i.e. from Twisted Bard to Lamia) feel free to make it out that Lamia was impersonating herself as the twisted bard. . . it wasn't my intention to delete YOUR character!. . . I missed the RULES thread. . . quite vital to this sort of thing. . . eep.  Sorry.  :bawl:

~The (Sincere) Cretin~
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: Loke on April 19, 2007, 05:15:45 am
Side note to Loke:  If u're pissed 'cause I changed what the character was supposed to be (i.e. from Twisted Bard to Lamia) feel free to make it out that Lamia was impersonating herself as the twisted bard. . . it wasn't my intention to delete YOUR character!. . . I missed the RULES thread. . . quite vital to this sort of thing. . . eep.  Sorry.  :bawl:

~The (Sincere) Cretin~

Not at all, feel free to arrange anything i write in this thread, anyway you seem to have soooooooooo much free time than me hehehe

yo yo yo :)
Title: ~And So~
Post by: IronCretin on April 24, 2007, 06:15:42 am
Few know of Lamia, and, therefore, many, at this point, may be left bewildered and in the dark.  Fear not, for I, your narrator, shall explain all, in time.  Perhaps, I shall even step forward and reveal myself, in time.  For now, however, I must begin a new chapter in this tale which will, eventually, lead to the revelations of Lamia and the dark forces that wait in the wings of the Kingdom's future.  Before illuminating the future, though, I must enlighten you with the past.


Dravis drove his steed mercilessly through the night. 
His stallion showed no weariness and carried his master with unearthly speed. 
The world sped by. 

Dravis had journeyed endlessly in the decade after Visk's death, searching his own soul for what answers may be found.  He had traversed the N'wahnt moors and battled through the darkened swamps that lay beyond.  The Wastelands of Prothecus had given way to the Dwarves' Villhallen Ranges, mountains that were said to be visible from around the world.  Few of the Kingdom's humans had ventured this far, and even fewer had returned to weave tales of the riches that lay wait in the labyrinthine tunnels that riddled the mountainsides.  It was there that Dravis sought his answers, it was there that he met the dragon Hisk'enatle (Serpentine for The Master). 

Many legends have been written about The Master, but few have been foolhardy enough to seek the origin of these myths.  Every fable of The Great Beast says his home is somewhere distant, somewhere different.  How Dravis came to learn of The Master's true location is a mystery that only he may tell.  The Master knew of Dravis' approach and met him at the entrance to his mystical cathedral.  It was, indeed, a magnificent creature, dwarfing Dravis, and his mount.  Few would have the fortitude to stand before this legendary dragon.  His wings spread out above Dravis, enclosing him, obfuscating all that lay beneath them.  His blackened scales, each the size of a man's skull, thickly adorned his hide, leaving no room for spear or sword or axe to release the fluids within.  His eyes burned with hellfire tempered only by the frore of Dravis' own eyes. 
"Ahhhh, finally, a mortal of power findsss my home.  Why have you sssought me, mortal?"
Dravis dismounted, and bowed in the presence of The Great Beast.  He spat his requests quickly.
"My master, I have come seeking power, seeking vengence, seeking that which eludes me."
"You know not what you asssk Dravissss of Gill-thaen."
"I claim not to know the answers, merely the questions.  I was told you, The Great Beast Hisk'enatle, may provide me with the answers."
"I do, indeed, know what you ssseek, and know of where you may find your ansssswersss.  And yet. . . What is it that I shall gain from thisssss parley?"
"Why, you thirst for knowledge, do you not Hisk'enatle?"
"I know all that I need."
"You thirst for blood?"
"I've ssspilt more than you could dream of Dravissss."
"Perhaps you seek chaos?  Entertainment to wittle away the eternity in which you live?"
The Great Beast sighed, smoke clouding the air that lay swirling beneath his wings. 
"Indeed, I have grown tired of time's weariless passing.  Few have the ambition to embrace chaos."
The two sat in silence, appraising each other, communing in the ancient art of judgement.
"Very well Dravis.  I ssshall humor you.  Seek Lamia, she may have the answerssss you want.  In the meantime, I shall watch, and provide guidancsse when it is needed.  Be warned, you are a pawn, and a pawn that no longer serves a purpose is. . . -naturally- uselesssss."
"I shall carry your words in my heart Master."
The Great Beast thrashed his wings and then leapt into the sky, showing a grace that seemed unreal for something of his size.  Dravis waited until Hisk'enatle had left, his own hair swept back from the gusts caused by the massive wing's downbeats.  Upon The Master's departure, Dravis turned and began the ride home, back to the Kingdom, back to N'wahnt, back to Lamia's home.

And so, Dravis drove his steed mercilessly through the night. 
His stallion showed no weariness and carried his master with unearthly speed. 
The world sped by. 

~The (THE) Cretin~
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: Luth on April 25, 2007, 10:54:50 am
In the meanwhile, the Queen has fallen to a strange and terrible desease: she can barely murmble some understanable words, she can't move more than two meters without falling to the floor and, what is more terrible, she seems to have forgotten her name, her kingdom, her mission. At least, this is what it seems for the others... what is in her head?  :ninja:
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: The One on April 26, 2007, 02:36:35 am
The young wizard and the Shaman sit down by a campfire they light right before dusk.
"So, this was a spell what hit me? Not an old man's insane overprotection?" said the young one.
"I believe it could be both" replied Odenetl "When the man's stick hit your head something must have happened, an old farmer's blow usually wouldn't knock someone your age out for that long... I believe that someone was there in the fields, watching us, someone who knew why we were there... But who that would be, escapes my knowledge..."
"Tell me, who is this witch? Lamia you called her, right?" Asked the wizard
"Oh yes... Lamia is an ancestral witch, as old as me perhaps. She mastered the arts of Black Magic, and was a threat to Notessomes about three Centuries ago, but the mighty Order of the Paladins of the Cross fought her and her followers, ending in a bloodbath, which eventually lead the witch to unknown lands ever since..." explained Odenetl "But it looks like she has returned, and perhaps it was one of her followers who gave you this vision... But why you? What have you special? You can barely use a bow and an arrow to hunt"
"Hey! Have a little respect for my skills!" exclaimed Carth "You'll be thankful for when I catch a deer that will feed us for a week"
"That is if you catch it..." replied the shaman with a sarcastic look on his face.
Carth didn't bother to continue the conversation, he just watched the fire burn and listened to the chirping of the nighttime birds, and the hoot of the owls...
He lay down but did not fall asleep... He thought of the pretty girl he had engaged a conversation with and wondered if he could ever meet with her again, he just longed to see her eyes again, to see her hair again... And then, he stood up and noticed Odenetl had already fallen asleep.
Carth went to the nearby wood for a walk... What awaited him, was something that he would carry in mind forever...
A mighty Dragon was lurking in the forest, between trees, the beast crept, and seemed to be black under the veil of the night. Carth was tempted to walk close by and see the dragon closer... When his hand touched the dragon's hide, the beast roared in anger, and spit a column of fire that burned the trees nearby, and revealed the red color of the skin of the mighty animal. Carth fell to the ground in fear, but had to run when the dragon spoted the cause of his disgust... Carth cast a simple stunning spell over the beast (which didn't last long on it, about 5 to 10 seconds) and ran away.
The Dragon decided not to bother in following, it was dark and its eyes did not let the beast see the footprints the wizard had left in the humid grass. The Dragon decided to continue on its nocturnal walk...
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: VladH on April 26, 2007, 07:22:09 am
He was angry... and angry was the least powerful word to call this state. He realy wanted to sleep. Beeing a dragon gives you a lots of opportunities... and no sleep. So when he finally took a little nap somebody woke him up. What he could do? Burn all the trees around and fly. But when the first thing was easy to do the second one was stopped because of some sort of "cheap humanish trick". And who it was? Young shaman, damn them, but... better a shaman than a legion of armoured knights. When he finally broke the spell he spread his wings and fled from this unpleasant area. Too bad that his cave had been plundered weeks ago (damn barbarians).

He was flying for some hours and he really enjoyed it. Finally he noticed good place to take another nap, but now he will be more cautious. He landed and immadietly turned into human shape. Young swordmaster and bard - this was his human image. And then he entered a really good looking Inn.

Inn was full of smoke from the chimney (he love this smell) and not so bad looking humans. He asked inkeeper for beer and payed for it. crossed the inn looking around and sat in the darkened corner...
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: Markus on April 26, 2007, 09:48:51 am
The priest shuddered, and it was not from the cheap wine that was served here. No, he knew that something important was about to happen. He had, after all, come here for a reason - usually he wouldn't sit in the darkest corner of an inn like this, with his hood drawn deep into his face so noone would recognise him. Not that the hood would have been necessary; noone here seemed to care, anyway. But here he was, and he had been drawn here by a nebulous foreboding that something important would happen here tonight.

Now he shuddered, and a moment later a young man entered the room. Noone cared about him, either, but the priest could see at the first glance that there was something strange about that man, something not quite human. The priest watched him buying a beer and sitting next to himself.

"Good evening, my fiery friend!" he addressed the newcomer.
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: IronCretin on April 27, 2007, 01:51:42 am


Dravis drove his steed mercilessly through the night.
His stallion showed no weariness and carried his master with unearthly speed.
The world sped by.

The Kingdom was descending into darkness.  A vast sky hovered over the farmlands, dotted with stars, and the moon was full, a foreboding sign.  Dravis had rode for what felt like an eternity, from the Vilhallen ranges and back through the swamps.  His ride had been uneventful, a blessing in this most cursed time.  The Kingdom was in the grip of depravity and only those with a keen eye and sharpened senses would note the changes that had occured over the past decade.  You see, when Heaven's Gate fell, so did the Kingdom's defenses against what lay in the moor.  It was a darkened land, the moor, but those who were safe in the Kingdom saw no need to defend themselves, for they were in the womb of their Queen, who was now in the vice of madness.  However, Dravis had no concern for this matter, he only sought Lamia and with her, power. 
He rode on the road to Stilton.  Dravis knew that every man who had a bone for traveling and an ear for gossip would pass through The Severed Crossing Inn and, thus, that was his destination.  He approached the inn and tied his horse to a vacant hitching post.  Entering the inn, he was immediately engulfed in loud, drunken banter.  A small monkey was dancing on a stage to the left, while a band played an old folk song behind him.  The bartender stood at the far end of the room, behind a massive oak bar.  There was a door leading to another wing of the inn to the left of the bartender.  A massive fire was kept burning on the right hand wall, and the smoke flowed freely into the room, adding to the atmosphere.  Candles adorned the walls, haloed by smoke, and a modest chandalier provided light above the stage.  There was a small crowd gathered to watch the festivities, and they were rewarding the dancing primate with peanuts.  Dravis saw two men in the corner, a holy man approaching another with a clearly magickal aura.  He focussed on them, and strode quickly towards them.  Two men of magickal talent would, undoubtably, be able to, willingly or unwilling, aide Dravis in his quest.  'Ho, strangers, I seek. . . knowledge.'

~The (Wayward) Cretin~
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: Loke on April 28, 2007, 05:54:49 am

   "knowledge seekers are more ignorant when they preach to be seeking it" - one of them said  , "what makes you think knowledge is what you need to succed in your quest, ignorant one?"-said the other- , shocked , our heroe stood still thinking in how the heck one of the men knew about his task, so he approach slowly to them when suddenly... the one that had been further from him reaveal himself from the hood he was partialy wearing and with a voice that seemed to came from the abbyss of thousand deaths he said... " Come and take the "knowledge" you are looking for out of my dead cold hand" and then he...

yo yo yo :)
Title: Re: The story begins...
Post by: IronCretin on May 11, 2007, 11:27:03 am
and then he shifted form.  Dravis' hand went to the pommel of his sword, and he cried out.  'Halt shifter!  I seek no battle from you, nor your holy companion!'  The Priest looked from one man to the next, unsure of which side to take, if a test of mettle was required.   The shifter's form solidified and began to coalesce into a bipedal form, though much more reptillian than it formerly was.  Dravis began to drew his sword, but as he did so, the shifter spoke.  'Do not sstrike me seeker.  Though I may seem unarmed, my breath shall roast you within your armor.' 
'Of that I have no doubt.  I did not come here for trouble, nay, I came for information, as all good questors should.  If you wish me to depart. . . well, I cannot abandon my quest.  Therefore, we may settle this peacefully, as gentlemen, or we may settle this with blood.  Most of which will, undoubtably, be yours.'
The shifter snarled in response, and pressed towards Dravis, however the Priest stepped between the two and spoke.
'Perhaps we may all benefit from hearing each other's tales, for a man hearing a tale and sharing a mug of mead is much more likely to tell friend from foe.'
'Your long-winded friend is right shifter, come, let us drink together and put squabbles aside.'
The three men talked well into the night, and the priest and Dravis found they shared the same goal, Lamia, but Dravis sought her for much darker reasons.  The two men formed an uneasy alliance, one of watchfulness, and filled with little trust.  The priest, although a learned man, did not recognise Dravis for who he was, and Dravis took great care in what he shared from his sordid past.  The shifter agreed to join them, for a time.  His lair had been plundered by barbarians, not long ago, and he hoped to seal their fate, or at least find new treasures with which he may fill his lair.  His powers were strong, but without any real tests they had grown weaker, thus, he also yearned to flex his true powers. 

And so an uneasy trinity was formed.  An unlikely trio, shapeshifter, priest, and dark paladin.  Neither man truly trusting the next.  That night they shared a room (for the inn was well-renowned, but costly), sleeping as best they could, and awoke in the morning to seek out Lamia, who the priest believed to be far to the west, near, or beyond, the Great Sea of Durage. 

~The (Wordy) Cretin~
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The three rode on through the Kingdom, stopping at inns where available, and camping away from the road at night.  The shifter hunted effeciently, and Dravis set snares before they camped each night.  There was a somber air to their travels, but the three men soon began to trust each other, as great men do when forced together by fate.  Dravis and the Priest agreed that Lamia must, indeed, be beyond the shores of the Great Sea of Durage, and they discussed how to obtain transport.  The Priest was sure that they would let a Holy man aboard, for it was a good omen to provide passage to a Father of the Discipline, and a bad one to expect cost, or worse still, to refuse him passage.  Few ships sailed into the deep waters of The Sea, for it was said to be infested with great beasts, ones that could swallow entire ships whole.  However, the three men knew the superstitions of sailors and, thus, took a grain of salt into their plans.  Dravis felt he could pursuade his way onto the ship, either through charisma, or, if need be, force and, of course, the Shifter could occupy a great many forms, and follow the ship from the air, from the sea, or from the galley. 

They arrived in the port city of Carroll's Locks around mid-morning and were greeted by the smells of the sea.  Fish, freshly caught, were being hurried off to the markets.  Small urchins of the human variety, searching for bulging pockets from which to steal.  The suns cast a glorious glow over the ocean and, from here, it looked placid, as tranquil as a still mountain spring.  Boats dotted the horizon, most of them small fishing vessels, although the occasional warship was present, should raiders attempt to ransack the city.  The men scoured the docks, searching for a great ship to take them well into The Sea.

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Meanwhile, the wizard and the shaman decide to look upon where the young one saw the dragon the night before.
"No traces of a dragon, except for the few burnt trees, but could have been messy campers, such as yourself" said the shaman.
"You seem to think that I made this dragon story up for my own amusement" replied the wizard.
"People your age use to do that, but well... Where did the foul creature fly to?" said Odenetl
"Erm... I paralized it for a moment with a spell and ran away... I expected to find it in slumber today and well, perhaps ask the creature what it knows... I've heard tales of dragons being to be quite wise and having the ability to speak" replied Carth
"As I can see you believe in stories too much, dragons that had the ability to speak are a long extinct species..." explained Odenetl "Today's dragons are not much smarter than the goats you see in the mountains or the Leviathan that inhabits the Sea of Durage"
He continued: "Hm... The pattern in which these trees were burned coincides with the fields..."
"Pattern?" asked the young one
"Yes, all dragons have a unique pattern in which they spit out their flames, it is like their fingerprints, only a distance of 6 generations can have two dragons with similar patterns" answered Odenetl "As for the fields, we've found out the responsiblie one..."
"What do we do now?" asks the wizard
"We cannot track it down now, so I believe we have to invistigate more about your vision" said the Shaman
"What of it, where would this Lamia be found?" asks the wizard
"Well, let me meditate about it, let me have my own visions... Let the spirits of nature tell me what they know" said Odenetl. He sat down under a great pine tree and started chanting, until his voice started fading out and there was complete silence, he sat still for hours...
Until he suddenly said out loud: "The sea... The witch lies beyond the sea"
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It was no easy task, but eventually the Priest convinced a sea-hardened man named Tisk to provide them passage on The Albatross.  A small demonstration of the Shifter's power gave the captain all the incentive he needed to set sail.  She was a sturdy vessel, The Albatross, with no luxuries, but a sleek design.  She creaked as well-worn ships do, and her decks glistened with shine and care.  Tisk talked lovingly of her, and with a crew of twenty men (not including the captain, and the three others), they set sail.  The men talked anxiously behind the Shifter's back, nervous of him, and of the sea.  It was true that the darkened waters were dangerous, but it was equally true that men could harvest a fortune within a small amount of time.  Many exotic fish lived in the depths of The Great Sea, and their numbers matched their diversity.  Tisk knew he was risking his vessel, and his men's lives, but he was one of the best, and these three men promised safe travel.  The Paladin was certainly equipped for war, even without his horse (which had to be left in the port's stables), he seemed a force to be reckoned with.  The Shifter's powers were not in doubt, and the Priest, well, none should refuse a priest, regardless of their beliefs.  It was well into the second day when they finally reached the drop, an underwater cliff that led to the darkened waters.  The men grew silent and the ship grew still.  They drew the sails taught, attempting to travel as quickly as possible across the darkened waters, and to the Isle of Sanctity, a place of refuge that few travelled to, and even fewer made it to.  It was this island where the three men hoped to find Lamia, where Dravis hoped to find his answers, the Priest to find his enemy, and the Shifter to find. . . well. . . lunch!

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After the ship had passed the drop, after it had passed into the deep dark waters, the journey stayed calm. The days passed almost leisurely. The men were gazing out at the sea, towards that distant line where dark blue sea met bright blue sky and hung to their thoughts. The shifter shifted into many forms and haunted the waters they were crossing and forgot what "hunger" means.

As calm as the days were the nights. Calm was the first night after the passing of the drop, and calm was the second night. Calm was the third night - until the priest woke up with a start, screaming words in an ancient language, hearing which was enough to make one's throat ache:

"Rachk! Rachk! Rachk te'emach habala. Emosh habala, tumosh mulu'ach, a temosh - cham unu'uku!"

Then again, the priest fell asleep. The morning found him in a gloomy mood, not willing to explain the nightly incident.

Around noon the "Albatross" passed another ship which was a most strange sight. Its sides, that should actually be made from solid wood on any decent ship, were littered with cabin windows. Where was the space to transport goods on a trading ship, or sea food on a fisherman's ship? Colourful flags were flapping in the wind. The Shapeshifter, who had turned into an enormous seagull and flown over the other ship, reported that there was a basin of water on the upper deck - dozens of people were swimming in or sitting around a small pool of water while swimming in the vast ocean. Many of them seemed to be very drunk even though the sun had not even crossed the meridian yet.

All the seamen on the "Albatross" found this sight amusing, if not ridiculous, and so did the Paladin and the Shapeshifter. Only the priest reacted with a most gloomy frown, for he had seen that ship less than twelve hours ago.
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The captain steered well clear of the strange vessel, and the men aboard the Albatross joked with him that he feared the women aboard it and preferred the company of men.  Naturally, the captain responded by directing them as a good captain should.  They saw other strange sights that day, a gleaming dragon, roaring in the skies, and moving stars in the night sky.  However, soon, these visions faded, and again a stillness descended upon the sea. 

However, there was nothing tranquil about this lull, rather it clung to the men, making their flesh sticky, and causing them to sweat, despite the overcast sky.  The men began to grow superstitious, and their former mirth was quickly forgotten. 

The fog descended not long afterwards, a dark fog, the kind in which one soon loses himself, forgetting that he even has legs.  The ship itself grew dangerous, and one knew not where the deck fell away to the water.  The captain quickly grew fearful, but, although the men called for the anchor to be dropped, he pressed on.  He posted two men at the bow, constantly testing the depths.  The sails drooped uselessly from their masts, and the men took shifts to row her, simply to maintain their course.  The Priest was silent during these days, and few of the other men held conversations.  It was eerie, the fog, the silence.   Even the creaking boards of the ship fell silent, so all that was left was the sound of the oars entering the water.  Day in and day out, the sounds of oars.  The fish had stopped biting.  The men grew anxious and worrisome. 

It was on the seventh day when the compass began to spin sporadically.  The captain gasped and called for the Priest to provide a blessing on the instrument, the ship, and her crew.  They pulled the oars in, for they knew not which direction to row in.  It gets so that no way is forward, and one ends up rowing too hard to the right, or too hard to the left, circling endlessly.  The men put their faith in the sea, and their gods, if they had them.  They no longer sailed, only prayed.

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It had been twelve days since the thickened fog had descended, the men were discontent, weak with scurvy, and utterly drained of morale.  The shifter had suggested searching for land, but all knew that that was essentially a death sentence, there being no guarentee that he would find the ship again.  However, fate had plans for the men, for it was on that twelfth day that they heard the scrape of wood on sand.  The ship gave a lurch beneath their feet and they ran aground. 
At first they knew not how to respond, merely staring towards the bottom of the ship.  Soon, though, the fog began to lift, and they found themselves staring at a beach.  They began to chatter nervously, and quietly, fearing what may, or may not, reveal itself.  The air cleared, revealing trees and ferns, then the edge of a lush forest, which was part of a greater jungle, receeding into the distance.  The sun stabbed through the last of the fog, burning it away, revealing a mountain towering over the land.  The sky was finally a crisp and shining blue, save for a few clouds hovering near the summit. 
At first the men were simply stunned speechless.  Soon their talk grew more and more boistrous, until the point where they were clapping themselves on the back and hollering out loud, joking of island maidens, and shipwrecked merchant ships.  They began to dive overboard and paddelling to the shore.  Inward, they were all sharing the same thought, land, finally, land.

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The shaman and the wizard did not report back to the Queen's court.
Instead, they decided to go towards the sea, a journey of 13 days, with little sleep and food. Finally, on the last day, they arrived at the port city. They entered an inn, and sat there to eat something and to rent a room to sleep overnight.
"Well, what do you think we will find beyond the sea, Odenetl?" asked the young wizard as he bit off a chunk of bread.
"As I have said before, I do not know..." replied the shaman "But what I tell you, the journey across the sea will be long and dangerous"
"So, what kind of vessel should we take?" asked Carth
"I'll tell you that even a fishing boat could do, but of course I believe we can afford something better" replied Odenetl
"Uhh... Well..." said the wizard with hesitation "I.. guess we could, but I really don't have much on me, the food and the room will probably make me spend most of the money I have..."
"Oh great! And didn't you ask for money to the Queen?!" asked Odenetl in an irritated tone
"I never thought it necesary, I mean, some fileds just a few miles away from the city..." said Carth
"You youngsters... I guess we'll have to steal a ship..." whispered Odenetl so he could not be heard by the sailors.
They finished their supper and headed for the docks. There was no one to be seen, and all the ships were there, docked and ready to sail, save one, the "Albatross". Odenetl picked a large fishing vessel, that went by the name of "Carcinos". Odenetl thought the name did not suit the ship, but that it was good enough to carry him and Carth across the sea.
A man passed by, and spotted them. Carth paralyzed him with a spell, and Odenetl took him by the neck. "Finally you do something right, youngster" he said.
When the man was out of paralysis, he noticed he was tied to a tree, with the wizard and the shaman in front of him.
"Do you know how to pilot a vessel, such as the "Carcinos"?" asked Odenetl
The man did not answer, until Odenetl hit him in the ribs with his staff. "Yes, yes..." he said "In fact I piloted that ship before you tried to kill me"
"We need a passage through the sea, can you help us?" asked Carth
"After you attempted to kill me when I found you trying to steal my ship?! What are you, insane?" exclaimed the sailor
"Well, listen, we don't want to hurt you" said Carth "We just need to get through, and we have no money to rent a ship"
"Oh well, maybe a bottle of rum on you could resolve this entire thing... But not of the cheap one, get me the good one. They hide it in the storage of the inn" said the sailor
"Fine" said Carth "I'll go get it"
"I'll keep an eye on him" said Odenetl
Carth left running as quick as he could. He foud the back door to the inn in which he had been just about an hour ago. It was locked, but he could over come that challenge. He burned himself a small entrance with a fire spell on the lower part of the door, through which he crawled to get in. It was dark but he was in the storage room in question, and he could tell what rum the sailor wanted, he climbed up some shelves to get it. But then, when he reached for the rum, he heard some footsteps approaching, someone then put in a key to open the door to the kitchen. Carth grabbed the rum and let himself fall. When he landed on the dusty floor, he found himself being looked upon by a cook. He crawled as quick as possible through the hole on the door and ran away. The angry cook alerted the entire inn there was someone who had stolen rum and who perhaps had more to steal.
As quickly as possible, Carth returned to Odenetl and the sailor, they untied him and gave him the rum. The three men ran with haste toward the ship, and boarded. But right before leaving the port, an angry mob began aproaching the vessel. Carth quickly cut the rope that kept the ship docked with his knife.
The vessel escaped the angry mob, eventhough some of the men in it attempted to jump into the ship. (They failed and fell into the water) For the next few minutes, curses and screams could be heard from the shore.
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While... In a distant and magic land a warrior starts to fight with another, just because there was no reason to have peace in that day, a warrior who borns in the fire of a dragon spell, a legend start to get vanish... A new world where nothing was know, different kind of plants, different trees, everything was different... Everything...

He starts to walk, waitin for something, or someone that can give him an answer, he´s concient that if he appears there is for a reason, for a purpose, but he needs a signal, his sword it´s getting heavy in that place, his steps have doubt... he´s looking for answers, waiting for someone tripping who can help him out... His name is Kragher, and he doesn´t know how can be usefull in that world... And he´s just waiting
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A prophetess has been riding an unicorn for 3 days. This week she's been shown several signs, and with a help of her magic runes she's found out strange events in the Queen's dominion. But still she's never seen these event clear enough for somebody has been trying to hide the truth from the very begining.
After several days of riding she's before the Queen's court. She doesn't know of the Queen's deseas.
"Who are you? What do you want here?" - she's asked by 2 knights.
"I'm a prophetess who was born out of the depth of the deepest ocean... I'm a wanderer and a fortuneteller. I want to see your Queen, for my runes tell me a sad story of your land, I'm here not to harm but to give a wise advice. Let me come in!"
"Why should we trust you? What if you're the one who brings us troubles, death and despair!"
"Ask the people - they'll tell you of my fame! I have seen every part of the world and have never brought anything bad! My fate is the fortuntelling and the forecasting! I can hurt neither a hero nor a bastard!"
"Wait for a minute!" - the prophetess is replied.
Knights are leaving and she's waiting for their return.
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Now, after a long while we decide to return to our story. :ninja:
Navigating through the sea, the "Carcinos" tumbled back and forth, the nights were long and harsh, filled with storms, high waves and intense rainfall. This was a nuisance for both the shaman and the wizard, but it was nothing compared to what lay ahead.
"We are soon to enter unexplored territories" said the sailor fearfully one night.
"Good, for our destination lies beyond the explored areas of these seas" replied Odenetl.
"Well, old man, I have no clue on how you will get to that destination of yours without a goddamned map... Well, like it existed anyway" argued the sailor.
"Look, we got you your expensive rum" replied the shaman "So you better do what we tell you. You know we could just stun you and throw you off your ship. Well, not like it was our initial intention, but we cannot risk mutiny"
The sailor stood silently for a second and then went back to the steering mechanism that controlled the ship's direction with angry looks. "Well, at least I hope Notessomes help me leading you pair of lunatics to wherever you are headed." he sighed as he sat down.
"It will, and so will the ancient spirits of nature that guide us" said the shaman "Now, turn a few degrees West"
Meanwhile, the young wizard lay on a small bed under a small cloth roof built especially for the captain (and usually only member of the crew) to rest. He looked up outside at the stormy night and how the two other men argued under the rain. "I guess I shouldn't have looked through the window" thought he as he traced back to a few days back, before anything serious, or kingdom-related had occurred. "I probably could be playing cards at the inn right now, or going out with some interesting girls from the village... Man, I regret looking through that window!"
As this thought passed through his head, the ship turned violently.
"I think we have hit the place where the big ugly bastard lives!" screamed the sailor.
"The Leviathan you mean?" Inquired Odenetl.
"Whatever you want to call it, old man. We better get out of here soon before it gets us"
Carth rose and picked up one of the sailor's harpoons.
"What are you doing kid?! Are you insane?!" He said as the smacked the harpoon from the wizard's hands. "Are you trying to get us all killed?!"
"What? You have to be ready for confrontation whenever it is necessary" argued Carth.
"Well, that bastard will eat the harpoon, and with it, you and the entire ship! Keep that damn thing down and don't pick it up. And don't even think about firing it. The creature will see an unusual and sudden movement, it will know we are here and eat us alive" replied the sailor in anger.
"So what do you suggest us to do?"  asked the wizard.
"Well, if I was you, I'd go back to where I was and let me slowly get us out of this monster's grip." Said the sailor.
He steered the mechanism, and the ship moved. He slowly maneuvered it, making sure the ship did not move too fast. And suddenly, right behind the "Carcinos" a giant fin rose from the sea and went in back again. Then came another, and another. Always returning back into the unknown depths. Fear was in the sailor's heart, but he knew that if the beast did not see them, they would not be unfortunate victims of the horrendous sea monster.
And then, the scaly head of the monster rose from the sea. It was large, like that of a whale, and shaped like one as well, however its jaws were filled with long and pointy teeth, its eyes white and pale as snow. It opened its humongous jaw and let out a screech that could probably be heard on the other side of the sea. And its head returned into the waters.
"This is not good" said Odenentl. "It is calling for a mate... Apparently we are in that season of the year for marine beasts' mating. And this is when they are most aggressive"
"I'll move slowly, so it does not detect us" said the sailor.
"They are most aware of their surroundings at this moment as well" replied the shaman. "So, it must have seen us as well... I believe we are being offered as food for the female this thing will mate with"
"Oh man, we are doomed" said fearfully the wizard as he heard the shaman's words.
"What do you expect me to do now?! If I go fast, the thing will notice it, catch us and kill us" said the sailor.
"It cannot, or the female will kill it. It can catch us, but cannot eat us" replied Odenetl. "Now, I suggest you put that machinery at all power."
And so, hastily, the "Carncinos" sailed across the violent waters, jumping on waves, not stopping for anything.
"Turn the thing a few degress West!" screamed Odenetl to the sailor. "The spirits are telling me there is land not too far from here, and we will be safe from the beast there"
And so the sailor did. Five hours of intense rains and violent waves filled their journey. And they could view the beast rising from the sea at times. The chase was intense, and lasted until sunrise, when the ship crashed against high rocks and stopped moving. It was not far from a sandy shore. The three men were thrown off the board by the force of the impact and fell into the sea.
As they rose from the sea and unto shore the shaman said "We are here."
"Here, where?" asked the sailor.
"Our destination" said Odenetl "Now, relax, about your ship, you will receive a payment from the Queen for your heroic actions and will be able to buy at least ten more like that"
"What kind of nonsense are you speaking old man?!" exclaimed the sailor in anger. "We don't even know how to get back to the kingdom!"
"I think that Notessomes will safely lead us back" said Carth. "It didn't let us die back in the sea while chased by the sea monster."
"We had luck kid... But do you have any clue of where are we?!" screamed the sailor as he walked to towards a barrel from his ship that had been moved to the shore by the waves.
"Look, I know this kid is foolish" said the shaman "But he does speak the truth. Now you are stuck with us, so you have no other choice but to follow."
"Old man, you are insane! I have to follow you?! You don't even know where we are! How the hell do you expect me to follow you. And if I did, where would you lead me to?!" asked the enraged sailor.
"Lamia the witch" said Odenetl as he took out a small pipe out of his wet cloak.
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The prophetess were waiting for 5 hours. "If it's a minute I'm a goddess of the universe!" - she thought and turned on her astral sight. "Oh, hell!"- she was shown an unclear incident: these knights have disappeared and haven't reached the Palace. She was unable to see where they were. Tried to look at future... There're only 2 ways: 1 - to find the wizard and the shaman, the only ones who would return 2 knights; 2 - if the knights stay where they're now, they'll be led astray and become 7-headed evil creations who will burn the Palace and the Queen with only one breath! So she asked the golden Tarot of these 2 man and was replied:"They're as far away as it's possible - on the another continent!", despaired she ran to the Palace and found out the Queen's been being ill for the last weeks. So the prophetess converted to her younger sister and contracted with her to lead the wizard and the shaman back home and to find the way of salvation for the Queen, and was promised to get the title of the Queen's ambassador if she'll save her.

She saddled the unicorn and rode into the morning fog...
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I have watched the transpirings of this noble Queen's realm from afar. Of first note, I thought to myself, "Is this Queen inept to let this renegade Wizard run rampant, charring fields as he sees fit?" Surely this story has more sides. I continue to spy from my far off Tower Black. Then other stories abound, to this latest tale of a Shaman and Wizard, then of a Prophetess. From perhaps my boredom of looming over my own snowy mountain realm, I decided to sojourn to this kingdom. Then from my sprying mirror, I saw it! I must have it... a tooth from a dragon. For my own purposes, I set out, more urgent then ever to reach this destination...

I arrive on my black steed, bellowing from outside the castle walls: "Allo the Castle! I am called Jenevra, and for I am a Wizard from a far of land, I come to offer my staff and services to your beck and call"