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Title: The Anglerfish
Post by: Aluqak on December 20, 2006, 08:59:59 pm
I am the lord of the abyss. Eldest of an ancient race and inhabitant of the deepest seas of the world, I'm always hungry and capable of eating and digesting anything ... and anybody :ninja:
Through the aeons, I've lived in the great darkness, and I've became a wise and mad scientist. I am a master of the art of mutation and genetic modification. Mitosis, meiosis, DNA replication, transgenesis, and even mythosis and therionisation have no secrets to me. Only the food, a good drink of alcohol with a certain priest or zombie, the football or the foodball can stop me... but once I'm done or the match is over.... :ninja:
Beware! 'cause my stomach is endless and filled with disruptive enzymes and corrosive acids.
Feed me! or become part of my chain... my food chain of course!