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Title: The Priest
Post by: Markus on December 03, 2006, 11:09:15 pm
I can only be a priest, after all. Not the strongest fighter when it comes to wielding swords and axes, but he surely comes up with a good idea or a wise advice every now and then. His invocations are known as powerful weapons. It may take a while to perform them, so they're not the best choice in urgent situations where every second counts. But once a rite has been performed it ensures the interference of gods or demons or both.

Despite the serious tasks of the priests he tends to play jests on his friends. Whether he belongs to the good or the evil side is as unknown as his descendance... :ninja: The only sure thing about him is his liking for beverages like beer, wine, meade, rum, kräuterschnaps and the like which he claims to be hallowed food for his own guiding spirits. They seem to misguide him occasionally, though.