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Title: Poetry
Post by: Darksong on June 14, 2006, 11:55:29 am

The pure hate
Clean voice of it,
Sings to be
Concieved deep within
Your mind,your soul,your life
As a primordial parasite
As the strng wind coursing
Your ship acros the streaming tide
As only course your destiny set to you
As a motivation for your deeds
The reason for your needs
The only flame that burns
Torch of your life,
Like drums,deep below,in caves
Of the unknown
The fire that lits your way trough the dark,
Leting you to see what is wiihin its range
Still keeping you in ignorance towards beauty.
Your only goal,to destroy,your only voice
In your life there is one option
To destroy,or to burn deep from inside
Burning,by the flame of hate...

Whataya think?
Title: Poetry
Post by: Sirius13 on June 14, 2006, 01:12:30 pm
I never posted in the lyrics thread on the other forum, but I did read some of the stuff.  I always like your lyrics/poems Darksong, because they are raw and full of passion.  :evil:
Title: Poetry
Post by: Darksong on June 16, 2006, 09:34:30 am
I never posted in the lyrics thread on the other forum, but I did read some of the stuff.  I always like your lyrics/poems Darksong, because they are raw and full of passion.  :evil:

Thank you very,very much :blush:  :rolleyes:
Title: Poetry
Post by: VladH on June 16, 2006, 10:35:29 am
Ha! Finally! Good work Darksong. I will write some stuff here when I finally translate it to english....
Title: Poetry
Post by: Darksong on June 16, 2006, 06:52:41 pm
Ha! Finally! Good work Darksong. I will write some stuff here when I finally translate it to english....
Awaiting it!


Sound of horns
We'll watch the last dawn
For our time has come
To leave Midgard...
Distant past will be now
And the end is not
The journey's path
Will lead us there
Which is at the hall of brave
In Valhalla,the journey ends

It is not good,but it is not all!


Oh,what is the price for our deeds?
Oh,what is the prise for our kneels?
For the ancient peril is at our doorstep now,
Will we teach how to live it out?

(this was bad part-edit it!)

The cursed ones,
the nations doom,
The unforgiven song
In our soul
The black wings spread
To destroy the brain in head
They will cary us far
far beyond time...

Blessed past
Elders' path
Baldur's faith
Asgards wrath

Trickster is in our selves
Satans last chance!

From the light,
and into the darkness
To leap is to fly,
From the light,
and into the darkness
To live is to die,

I won't carve
the words in me!
Misery,the final way-
Beast,which is to be
Thiamath will come

 First,there was horror and scream,
 A fist full of blood
 The foes sword shined in the night
 But reply came as reeepaaay...
 (Whole taven starts:)
 Gods,Hate,Warcry thee!
 Cause pain will pass,
 And they will fall,
 King,Smite,siege no more
 They won't know had got them...
 The mead we drink
 The foe will sink
 The destroyed will be
 Raised once more
 Nation will be healed
 Hopeless wil reedem...
 We will go beyond,beyond the love
 to celebrate the victory of us all...

The boots of mine walk over the blood of sky
poisoning their perfect simpleness
Oh!Gods!I want to die!
No,no such thing is that simple
The source of life,Gods gift
The riddle  unsolved,but plain
Legends,envoke,do your destiny,
Beacuse mine is far from reality
And nothing fine ever will be
The most precious might of em all
The strenght off universe colides
And blood still pours,in a sinbyote with frost
Yes!Soak my cheerfull hair,be its circumvation!
Nothing is as we want,
No thought replies
The naive ones belive in lies,
Believe in thir own doom,
And they love them beacuse of it
The fate of us all!
Noone evaded it,still we unsuccesfully fight it
No results
Oh,Valhalla,take me,
I know do not satisfy your terms,
But understand me,
Noone else does me,the price is far beyond me
And the nihil expects me,I embrace it
No happy thought exit out,
All them,with no reasons hate the world
And life is only thing you are to love,
And forgive it for all bad...
And Death,oh my soulmate,be my teacher,
The apprentice is my fate,and
Nothing can't deny me!
And,at the end,which is to come,
Only few words came out from abyss betwen
my sour lips:The Joy does't come alone,but Sorrow does...


Cold shards climb above,
Horrific glass come from the sky
And blood and ice are together
Always waiting,and descending
The could voice of the Eol
Petrifies my bones,my flesh
Cuts me ahalf
And yet,I'm still alive
It starts and ends same to
come to this point,
The moment of Frost.
The new age is to came,not
Different than before,
Auroboros will be...
And then,after i cry the cold hate out
What will wait,
Then cold stone
Same as fortold oblivion,
And I am alone...

Berserker rage
Everything collaps!
The Atlantis sinks
into the blue oblivion
The conlusion of fears
And trough the voice
of mad god Loki
I engulf my mind in flame
After Ragnarok,
The new ones shall come,
Throw the stone behind you,
And we will rise again!

Freezing winds from high
Twisting my hair,my strength.Why?
Why should I go,without elders bless
My warriors flee,that cannot be,
Long forsaken,for me
Expesive luxury
And I will prepare,
I don-t dare
To have a family,
Only bind that binds for humanity
My dracar await,
no,that is not my fate,
Do die in warm bed
I will be dead,only by sword
My Horn sings it final chord
And My palace,burning,falls
All its towers,houses,walls
And on my stallion,I proudly
Honourable and loudly
Screams the Thunder Gods name
To make me more brave,
And His Hammer strikes my foes
And One-eyed knows,
So he prepaired my place in Hall,
Far above clouds,far above men
Always existing,In future,it will be then
With us,brave ones.Axes,swords,shields
Screaming in final battle on Fields,
And I smile upon this destiny,nearly
Death is near,I see it clearly

Valhalla,part I

Sound of horns
We'll watch the last dawn
For our time has come
To leave Midgard...
Distant past will be now
And the end is not
The journey's path
Will lead us there
Which is at the hall of brave
In Valhalla,my journey ends

Valhalla,part II

Far above mortal lifes
Far above problems and cryes
Far above bloody flaming shores

Expecting casulties of wars
Waiting the Interlooper to come
And then all sins will be undone
Batteling gods,chariots in sky
Dragonheads falling from up high
Everlasting hate ends here

Here,it all ends,all in fear
Now smiling fate,I beg your grace
I beg you,my soul is in discrace
Be kind upon me,let me face
Quick death I'll embrace

And Oden,my Sword,Axe and Hammer
They are by your side,under your banner
Valkyres,heal my bleeding wounds
Heal me,thy loving magic bounds

Hear the,hear my tunes
Sang from cliffs
Sang from dunes
Sang in sorrow
Sang in rage
May it fills holes hollow
May it fills heart in cage
In Valhalla thy journey ends
Lord of the Rings

Finally,my young Hobbits,Time is spent
You must flee,go,now,don't wait me!
Dark Eye follow your moves,now where did you went

Run little ones,your destiny is alls
Thew White city will bring safe walls
Allies are rare,but they are bold
Here,take some money,there isn't enough gold

Beware of spotlights,beware of Crows
Once our ally,White wizard knows
The betrayer of good,his descent hurt
While we travel,abominations are his work

Run,cross the Bridge,don't turn your head
I have my last battle to attempt,before I end
Goblins!Dwarf,Elf,King,fight them all!
Fight the Enemy,or the land will fall

Once destroyed,the Dark One tries to return
And if he succseed,our battle has been pointless
Families will die,land will burn
The Diamonds will glow,And dead will be countless
Nightfall, and time will come of eternal darkness

Ascending to the light

Those wings,flying feathers
Rise,strech,hiding the Eye,
And my long hair,twirling above me,
Cathing the muscles,bones,my body

And the Earth,just a small rock now,
Falls beneath me,
Descent into its decadency

And suddenly,greavly and evil
Chains pull me down,and I yell

Let me fly,
Let me touch the polaris
Let me burn on the tail
Let me touch the shine
Of the stars
Let me glide,
Trough thick icy air,
And share my arrogance

For I don't want to die here,deep down
Among the others,as have it been
Told from the dawn of time
I am not equal,
I am not the same
I am now illuminated

Let me fly,
I have it deep in me
The Beast,reckoning,
Hiding,always feeding
Release it upon you
and suffer the grievious

Let me fly,
Far above you,the chains
Are bond to misery
To ignorance,to povery

Break the spell,break the bond
Accept my need,heed my plea
I am not mortal soul,
Awaitng it,
Its Destiny
Let me fly far beyond

The Tower

Black cliffs,staring into the blight
Upon the Journeyman,waiting to arise.
The cripple ones beg for ascention
And I arrogantly watch them
From The Tower
My lips made eclipse and are in smile,
Deny their ignorance,I don't care if they die
The words of wisdom are my tools
My children my weapon,my burning oil that burns
Are you worthy the enter my glade
To Enter The Tower
The wine that I drink can be measured
With the rivers of their blood
My magic can be the damnation
Of their poor and wicked kind!
I am the Wizard,and I am the God
I am the Ruler,and I am undone...

Mountains,and their peeks cowered with snow
Descend under the the Sun that glow
But collosus of their might
Awakens in this unholy blight

Cities fall under streght of his
And noone to confrot him there is
Only me,and this song of mine
The music,magic divine...
...Crossing the borders between us
Thin as sea,but hard as glass
As I sail to behold my hour,
The Titans fortold me their power
And my magical flute sings
While I gently wheep it strings
Nature wrath is to devour me
I pray the Gods not that to be
Suddenly,in the middle of the sea
Column of light i see.
Maelstromcalls me inside,
My eyes are useles,I am blind
Gods call me to baquet of their
But I refuse them,I have to sail
My heart is roaming,to find Her
My adventure takes off to where I were
My beginning,as my end
Calm and heavy finishes in bed
My face,expirienced the holy smile
As I was in that moment vile
Still,time stops,and I die in bliss
For I know my loved one there is
Safe and secure,and her grave
Is among holy and brave
But among those two,
She is not the one who
Lives for glory and fame
But to loved and have loved name
As hers,there isn't any remorse,
My will to find can't be stoped with any force
Still,in oblivion our souls are one
And in oblivion my love is done..."

As I sang,the terror enslaved by song
In the world of sin and decadence among
Rise its hands to Gods above
To their game it has no love
To their wrath it has no mind
To their will it is blind...

A song of doom

Dark grey clouds twirl around the planet
And so is the nation in its decadence
Dancing in the mud of their sin and ignorance
Filth in their mind as web caught the power
Drowning it and devouring it as spider
With his legs,catching little beings
Oh why have we forsaken our ancient rites?
That ununderstanding burden heavy as an air
Their philosophy and learnings were power
And for Pagan warlords now has come an hour
My hands,spreading to the air,waiting the sign
I fall on my knees,to the my Lord,not different
Than my beliefes and Ideals.
Our civilization has come to the beggining
Auroboros,foe and familiar being
My magic as a rope,whirlwind of music collaps
I am in the mud of unprosperous ones
Their dance,and their body language,
As they call it primordial one,as the rythm
Beats on me,beats me,breaks me in half,
And I die,I die for the last time
Where are my saviours,my renegades
Where are my troops,my holy brigades
Every man calls their man,alone in darkness
Of their corrupted Mind,while in presence
Of others he joins that unholy blight
I am crying,upon grave of the unnoticed
They have lived,and there isn't sign of it
Their trails are shatered across the universe
Their existence...Like they never have been.
No remorse in killing one of them
The grief is past,and pain is an illusion
They will be forgoten,eventually,
And what are they to the Plan?
Mountains...Way to the illumination
Awaiting,ascending,abandoning our pitty kind
Time to die...

Old Boy

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Re: Your Lyrics
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My Primordial lyrics  Shocked  

Proud of warrior,of noble called
IS founded in blade of sword
Is it found in his mercy and delight
Or is it in his rage and in battle might
Is hidden among the living or the dead
Is in the lake,or only in our head
Revelation for those bloodthirst
There is no proud in warriors fist
There is no proud in their dead
Only the need of survival instead
All the warcrys,calls and horns
All the battles,muders and wars
Nothing among those is to respect
Nothing which isn't in future deflect
Still are those shadows to blame
As some of them don't already live in shame
Of what had they commited,the ultimate sin
They are not to be crucified,as once had been
There isn't sancturay fot them to be send
Still,in Valhalla,thy journey ends

Drums hidden
Drums,being beaten on their hard leather
On that hide of some monster,deciesed now
In that wooden couldron,and primordial sound
Breaks our brain,our mind taken into void
Our body,controled by a force greater than God
Greater thn whole panteon of Gods,is going
Going to dance,going to reprouce the seed of us
Going into battle,and our mindless soul wonders
It sems,that our birth,our arrival has started
With Drums,and our departure will be greeted
With Drums,with divine music of natures rage
With waypoints for our selves,troughout time
And space...No borders,no above those which
Have already been set,to trick us
To hold us with their abomintaive hands
And ravens,choping our eyes out,I forgive them
I have been learnt to do so,my rage is gone
My will has been shadowed,my thoughts are mist
My feelings...I am katatonic...
My libido,burned and raped,killed like worst
Monster,which I have become...
Our ancient learnings,turned to dust,of
Holy man's fire,their ships,warriors and books
Told us the worst,told us not of pleasure,
But of slavery,of guilt,and noone is free
Noone is innocent,only scaled by decrease
Of divine guilt which will lead us to the grave
I embrace it,with ungodly laugh,scraming,
Madness,I am now,a madman,a creature of
Old...Not different than my soul
Let us rejoyce,let us sing...Nowhere will we come
But have we ever evolve?The weapons,the machine
Not as evoulition,but as death sentance for us
The Kind Of Decadence...

Lucifer call

Come forsaken one
Submerge your mind into pallete of joy
Chose from spectre of blossom
No,better claim it you own
Do not halter infront of barriers
Release yourself to ignorance
Suppres the remorse and qrief
Avenge murdered hedonist
Deep inside you,killed by rituals
Slain in front of your eyes
Tortured for many years trough your growth
Release your sexual beast,let him shower
In bloom of virgins and have them all
Do not extinguish the flame in you soul
Let it boost your will,let ignite you
Take my hand,enter forrbiden glade
Eden of your own,of pleasures denied
Forget that old man,do not turn your head
He is behind...
Welcome...to hell of your own

The men with hair wild
Wild like flame,strong as bull
eware of their look,look like stone
Hard and cold,unbroken and unbeaten
Beware of their fists,their swords
Beware of them as of Word Of Devil
Gather,under sign of Cross.
Let the sufferer plea our mind
Let him engulf the fear
Of ancient ones,their return!..."
And then...
The ring of bell has been heard
The priest casts the brave word
But there is no hope nor remorse
For the followers of One God.
Not from Norse!
Ancient Drakars,with hundreds of men
Coming o to the shore,as once they did,then
Arrows fall,burning the people,like torches
THe horned helmeters and their warchiefs
Step on the land,claiming it as their own
One grabs his belt,and blowns the horn
Horn for the One Eyed God and His Son
His Hammer strikes again,it is done
Barbaric lust for death,the Warriors came
And once again,the World is same.In fame
Of Warlords,To The Golden Hall,burned is flame.
Sound of horns sweeps others tru the night
Taming the wild,like falcons flight
Their songs,of noble and brave,sing in joy
Tell of a Thunder God,when he was boy
They told of His quests and deeds,and His Might
Of his foes,His Father,who never give up fight
The Hammer struck,the Thunder was thrown upon
In the morning the warriors were none...


I send this letters to you,
expecting no answers in return
I want you,now,your juicy skin,
YOur aura of some mistic sexuality,
Your hands,whit silver and bronze covered
Your hair,the perfect touch of wilderness
Your brests soft as nectar,gentle as bliss
Of moening which runs trough thick air,
Your belly,wonderfull not yet seen space
Dark and tasty
I do not know how to describe your legs
But as two ways which carry your temple,
Nor some spots of yours,which I do not know
Am I yet to meet,
Though I lust for them,to feel them,wet
And aproved,mine...
But it doesn't means anything
If i don't desire your mind,
The pure essence of your erotic darkness
Which is my poison and my cure
Moj dungeon and my deliverance
I lied that I will never mention
Wonderfull name of yours
But something takes me to it...
Something primordial...
I love you...

Graven image

Grey relics of our past
Or wooden,are they?
kept in silence and in
Blasphemic sacreligion
Of our inner fear.
dead are kept under
Or in flame of our honour
There isn't any...
Dead are dead.
We are here.
our weapon and kowledge
will shield us of them
Every word from priest
Every move of a shaman
Every step of Chosen
We follow
But not beyond Grave...

 I glide trough her hair,
 Like meadows of night it is dark
 I look at her,adore her gently
 I have never kissed the purest lips
 Nor I have touched the highest being
 I have never seen such untamed adorance
 Nor I have looked beyond her beauty.
 Loving you,the hardest task,
 The sweetest obligation
 The journey that takes me to you
 I hate.
 It eats the bridge between us,
 So I fall into dark...
 My drop of tear,descending
 Dissapears into your mouth
 Into soft abyss,which I want
 You drink me,my blood
 My sorrow.My tear
 My mind .My fear
 My love.My existence
 My hate.
 There is no me.

God of Thunder,coming from up high

In His chariots of gold,he rules all the sky

With His Hammer,he strikes his foes

In his doom against the Serpent He goes

I follow His path of glory and might

I swing my sword,prepared to fight

To slay enemys of mine

In this day to die,fine

I crush them,calling His name

I join those which are called "brave"

And my Fathers are with me in fame

Upon the altair of their,I burn flame

Ti worship their name,to continue the same

Same way it has been told

From One Eyed Father,God of World

With His Infinte Wisdom he sees

Above the skies,below the seas

And He knows his Destiny,done

From Great Wolf which is to come.

There ya go.
My songs. ^_^
Title: Poetry
Post by: VladH on June 17, 2006, 01:49:15 pm
Gods!!! You did really great work Dark.... it's almost endless..... I will write something soon (I swear!)..... I've got inspiration cause I bought Bathory t-shirt today  :pop:
Title: Poetry
Post by: Lucy on June 19, 2006, 12:20:36 pm
It's great, Dark!
Title: Poetry
Post by: Darksong on June 19, 2006, 05:56:43 pm
It's great, Dark!

Hvala,ovaj,Thank you,very,very,vey much.

Well,as one peot said,
Never changing,nor ending...

After that goes:

Sing the Dark Sog of Erren to me...VladH,you know of what am I speaking :rolleyes:
Title: Poetry
Post by: VladH on June 19, 2006, 06:18:46 pm
Same song as always Dark... ;)
Title: Poetry
Post by: Darksong on June 20, 2006, 01:38:45 pm
Same song as always Dark... ;)

I hope you agree with me,Dark Song is a banner of traditional celtic music,only without violines and lutes.
Both poetic and cultural influence can be found in some other bands and songs.
And atmosphere of that song...
Magical,divine,and unholy melanchonlicaly sad...This is bit off topic
So hail to Primordial and Amergin Glangel
Title: Poetry
Post by: Darksong on July 06, 2006, 12:07:23 pm
The want

And I am hardly to reccon
That I am being loved by somebody.
But You are special
You are the proof that there is my
Simetry,of another sex
You are the hope to every cripple,
You are the song,upon which cry those
In their dying breath.
You are the snow which motivates avalanche,
You are the light in a raging storm to me
You are my love
I need You,I want only You.
All that You are
You are chandelirer in my blackened room,
You are the pain of every masochist
You are the Death of every sick being
You are my revelatrion,and my sorrow
When everything is wonderfull.
When someone speaks of You,
My wish is to steal from him,wicked,Your loving name
From his mind and lips.
Because I need you desperatly.
I love You.

Proclamation-maybe,just maybe,my songs,and other works will be pusblished.
Thank you.
Title: Poetry
Post by: The One on July 06, 2006, 08:52:57 pm
Nice work Darksong. Dude, I wouldn't like to have to memorize your longest piece fo art.... But it was good!
Anyways, I wrote this when I was bored:


Naked in the dark you see nothing
Before the shadow your memory is erased
You remember nothing
And your mind is in blank

Erased from your brain,
You know hapiness no more
Your mind has a new start
The start of it to end

Forgotten memory, the beginning of the end
Past seen no more, remembering of nothing
A vision of darkness pure
But some things are best to forget

Feelings you know none
You have left all of them
You are now one in the dark
One to live and die

Forgotten memory, the beginning of the end
Past seen no more, remembering of nothing
A vision of darkness pure
But some things are best to forget

All of your memories left behind
Your name you know not
Your age and time you’ll bind
For that knowledge you have no more
Title: Poetry
Post by: Darksong on July 08, 2006, 12:41:29 pm
I am no longer only writer here!
Nice work,indeed!
Great! :iconmi77kl: