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Title: My information is gone...
Post by: Carlios on November 10, 2004, 10:33:54 pm
Don't you hate when this happens...?

My computer crashed the other night thanks to windows xp service pack 2... since the copy I have of windows isn't entirely original, I couldn't activate it, so I had to take it to the place I bought and copy all my documents because everything had to be re-installed... but somewhere on the process of saying: "I want you to copy ALL of My Documents" the guy that was going to repair my pc managed to understand "Copy ALL of My Documents except my own folder"

So my sisters, my mom and my dad have all their stuff, but mine is gone, I'm talking about almost 10 GB of my stuff (videos, music, cd's, photos, documents I use for school, programs I use like winamp, divx, real pleyar, eMule, and that kind...) EVERYTHING.....


F**K I'll have to download ALL of it again, I'm talking about 2 years worth of trouble
Title: My information is gone...
Post by: Sirius13 on November 10, 2004, 10:41:07 pm
Shit, man!!

That's f**kin awful!  (normally I try not to swear here, but that deserves it in capital letters:  F.*.*.K.!!!)

sorry dude.  :(
Title: My information is gone...
Post by: Fallen Seraph on November 14, 2004, 01:18:08 am
Ugh... One of the most horrible things with computers, I to have suffered such things, lost all my writing/poems/stories and school work. Along with many pictures that can not be replaced.
Title: My information is gone...
Post by: TheOFFman on November 16, 2004, 10:08:52 pm
Oh man, I am sorry that you lost your stuff. It's horrible!

Last week I was preparing to format my disk. And I was deleting some stuff and my computer restarted. I lost all folders and files from My Games. I lost all my screenshots, saves...

It hurted me the most that I lost my Icewind Dale 2 saves. I was playing that game for couple of weeks and I don't want to go from begining. And I lost my Neverwinter Nights character, Baldur's Gate character and lot of screenshots.