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Title: Off Topic Section- READ
Post by: Ereshkigal on March 09, 2005, 04:36:49 pm
To all NTSMS'ers!

First of all welcome to this section :P

Since we are now growing fast we must make sure that the site works well and organized.

So this Off Topic section is made for all of you to post something that does not fit well into another section of the forum but just keep this 2 things in mind:

1. Just 'cuz it's Off Topic doesn't mean that within the topic itself u can post an Off Topic topic...mmm makes sense? Just stick to the thread ok?

2. No cussing an insulting at each other pls. Lets keep things in peace.

3. And no CAPS unless u wanna highlight something or yell at someone (no cussing remember!)

4. Spamming- Do not abuse it! Gets annoying after a while so watchout the level.

With this in mind we will all live in peace and harmony.

Hail Notessomes!  :ph34r: